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    I just received this SMS:

    "From 900070003867

    -- Free msg form VZW: Palm webOS has been upgraded and will be delivered to phone within 10 days. For details go to:"

    If they hadn't misspelled "from" I'd not worry at all . But I have to. Maybe that's part of the reason the first update didn't go? I remember that shortening year2000 to Y2K was part of what caused stuff to go awry in the first place, LOL. Then again considering their recent financial ratings it's in their best interest. Either way, they are listening! yay!

    I just hope Sprint does the same so everyone can share
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    I was told by a palm tec that the pre too much card error should be fix even before the 1.4update. I told her that I still get the too much card error with and even with 1.4 update.I was told that I need to manually update 1.4 on my phone through webos doctor and that should correct this issue.
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    I was working fine till I did WebOS Doctor, since then I have had no end of problems, speed and battery both. The only reason I even did that was to undo the MultiMod, which WebOS Doctor didn't even fix

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