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    Wondering if any one else is having a problem with the Bypass PIN lock patch.

    When I have it installed, about 50% of the time when I drag the lock icon to unlock the screen, my screen freezes on the gradiented screen and the lock icon disappears. I never make it to the desktop or even to the PIN screen.

    When I'm stuck on the gradient screen, I can hold the power button, and the reset options will come up, but I can't tap on any options. I can only reboot with a battery pull or opt+sym+r.

    I've removed the patch for now to see if the same thing happens without it.
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    Honestly I've had this problem occasionally and I didn't even know that patch existed (so it was obviously never installed). Happened on the wife's Pre as well actually.
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    I have yet to be able to reproduce the issue without the patch. Interesting to know it's happening to unpatched pres. Perhaps there is another patch that's causing it?
    I can't think of anything else that would cause it as no other patches I have installed interact with the lock screen or home screen.

    I currently use 4x4v3, battery icon as %, date as carrier string, default to month, enable add/delete pages, hide nascar app, just charge by default, resume play for books, unhide devmode, untrottle downloads.
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    So now I've got an new interesting bug. Instead of the normal lock screen (clock with gradient and lock icon) I get my normal wall paper and launcher bar with the icon overlaid.
    I can't take a screen shot of it, since sliding my device open to get the keyboard unlocks it.
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    i also suffered from the PIN bypass causing my phone to freeze sometimes. It happened almost every time i went to unlock my screen to answer a call.

    I got tired of the issue so i just removed the patch.

    Now I am wondering if we can get haptic feedback on the PIN unlock screen.
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    This patch work for me 98% of the time with no problems. Very rarely have I seen a greyed screen.
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    I see this patch in preware all the time but I dont get what exactly it does. "Allows you to bypass the PIN entry to unlock your device." What does that mean?

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