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    I've noticed since 1.4 that when pausing either the Music player or Music Player Remix with any bluetooth headset, and then resuming, it skips back a minute or two in my track.

    I'm a heavy audio book user and this is exceedingly obnoxious. I appreciate it when I paused days or hours ago, and it gives a reminder of what's going on, but I pause/play these books many, many times throughout the day...

    Anyone else notice this?
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    i have this same issue but not a minute back, more like 30 seconds or so . a minute or 2 sounds like alot.
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    Same with me - VERY annoying.
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    I've had similar problems. Dr. Podder has in the pas jumped back 20-30 minutes in a podcast before.

    Generally I listen for 20-30 min on my way to work, if I close the app at work, then open it for my drive home it starts back where is was in the morning on my way in.
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    I haven't noticed it with the music players, but I have had Pandora start songs over after pausing.

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