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    Got my Palm Pre at Verizon last week, so far no issues or complaints. I installed Preware on it and was going through some homebrew apps. Just had a few questions.

    1. Does preware represent all homebrew applications?
    2. Are there apps that function like Shazam(music recognition), gmote(be able to use my phone as a trackpad for my desktop)
    3. Is there an app that can make call favorites? Such as a favorites list, I hate having to type the name of people I call frequently.
    4. What are some of your must have apps!

    Thanks for the input
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    2. No

    4. News Room, pandora, slacker radio, new facebook, tweed, let's golf,...
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    Best app is Preware...which implies the need for WebOSQuickInstall. Seriously, it is worth it. I have added so many patches that make my phone so much more useful.

    As far as apps (vs. patches), I have many, but my favorites include (in no particular order):

    - Scientific RPN Calculator ($$$) - if you haven't heard of RPN, you don't want this. If you have, you will lust for it.

    - Translator

    - Music (Remix) - a tweak of the standard music player that makes it a tad uglier at startup and 1000% more functional.

    - Pandora, RadioTime, AccuRadio, Dr Podder - nuff said

    - Yelp, OpenTable, Where, GoodFood, Fandango, Mobile by CitySearch, Get Starbucks - for when I need to find things

    - Weather Channel, Preddit, AP Mobile, NY Times, Engadget, WootOn, PopSci, AP Mobile, TWit.TV - for when I want info without struggling with a browser

    - Reset Button, Reboot Scheduler, What is MyIP, Luna Manager, JStop - for maintenance and to support patching/coding

    - LaunchPoint ($$) - to create single-click dialers in the well as dialres with "fat finger friendly" buttons. Yeah, it is a one trick pony, but it is worth 99 cents IMHO.

    - pReader - well, unlike my Treo, I haven't used my Pre for eBooks yet...but this seems like it would be useful.

    Those are off the top of my head. I'm sure there are many others. Regarding games, I don't play many, but anything by Self Aware games is worth a look.

    Regarding patches, I have quite a few, and rather than list them, I'll create a screenshot when I get home and post them.

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    Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your new phone.

    1. Preware has the most popular homebrew feeds built in, but others might be available. You can add additional feed addresses to it if you come across any. That being said, most of the homebrew should be on the built-in feeds.

    2. There's currently no apps like Shazam that use the microphone, though there are apps that let you remotely control your computer. I don't know them off the top of my head though.

    3. There are a bunch of these, though quick contacts is my favorite. There's a lite version available to try out.

    4. I use evernote, radio hibiki, drPodder (homebrew podcast management that beats the pants off anything on any other system), RTFM (homebrew remember the milk), Music (Remix) - homebrew music player that is much better than the built in one, Flixter for movies, Yelp for restaurants, Super Sudoku for sudoku, Stopwatch/Timer for timing.

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