So, for those in Northern NJ and know the newspaper the Daily Record, I often go on to their mobile site ( ) ... it was always such a pain to read the site on the Pre because there was no wrapping of text, just long rows of text.

Well, after 1.4, it seems like the text of this WAP site can now auto-wrap for easier viewer, just it would do when viewing from the desktop.

(I can't seem to upload images, but I includes links to screenshots so you can see what I mean)

1. When I load up the site, it initially shows the long rows of text --

2. If I were to press-and-hold for just a split second on any link (as long as you hold on the link, it wont open the site), it will re-wrap the text to fit the size! --

This definitely did not happen in, and I assume it has something to do with the update to the browser. Anyone else seeing sites readjust the text like this?