I found this on another forum. I thought it was interesting.

this is from a verizon employee who is mad with the changes that verizon is making to specific phone compensation.

"Theyre basically lowering comm on all upgrades by around $35 and lowering all comm on new lines by $20, but heyyy no need to worry bc PDA compensation is getting bumped up to $200 from $100.

And of course they will get rid of the ridiculously high spiffs for PDAs(70 for pixi, 175 for pre etc.) and will low ball the **** out of every phone. The $200 is only allowing us to compete, its not a bonus and pleaseee dont let any of your AM make you believe it is. I do sell PDA's but only 20% of my total numbers per month. I wish it is higher but its not. Most of my profit comes from selling 8950's and Smooths."