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    Anyone else seeing this issue? I edit a video, say from 30 seconds down to 14 seconds. Except once I save it, it cuts it down by another 2-3 seconds, so now the final cut is only 11 seconds. It makes precise editing impossible I have patches installed, but I tried the editing feature before installing any patches and it was doing it then.
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    I think I have had this issue as well but given that it was a phone and just for fun I didn't give it much thought.

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    I have just recently noticed this too, it seems with any video I try to edit, it will cut off an additional 2 seconds off of the end of it. This is definitely an annoying bug, does this happen to anybody else too?
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    All these issues should be brought to HP/Palm attention. Go on their website and leave them a feedback message.

    Thank You.
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