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    Hi all,

    today I moved 10 pictures from media/internal/ to media/internal/wallpapers/ using:

    mv /media/internal/*.jpg /media/internal/wallpapers/

    I had these downloaded through the webbrowser so they showed up in the photos app under "various". After moving the files in Terminus they did not show up in the wallpaper folder in my photos app and the various folder still remains showing 10 "X" thumbnails. I went ahead and deleted those 10 thumbnails and the "various" folder went away as aspected. But still, those 10 images I moved to the wallpapers folder do not show up.

    Any ideas why this happened or what I maybe did wrong?
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    I've had that problem before. So far, the only way I've found to fix it is to connect your phone to your computer, go into USB mode and then disconnect. I'm guessing some sort of rescan happens after you do that.

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    Thank you IŽll give that a try when I get home. Already did a Luna rescan, Luna restart and full reset, no luck.
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    If you have the Advanced Options In Launcher patch you can do a Fileindexer Rescan after moving things that way. This should make them show in the Photos App properly.
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    wow, that actually does the trick. Nice, thanks!

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