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    I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this...

    upgraded to 1.4 on Sunday evening. yesterday, I left the battery run completely dead before charging it. this morning, I went to launch a couple apps, and only one launcher page was available, and it appeared to have two icons on top of each other in the upper left corner. this freaked me out, because i have the add/delete launcher pages patch, and had 5 pages in my launcher.

    however, i restarted the phone via the power button, and when it booted back up, the pages were all there again and all my apps were accessible. oddly, the icon that appeared to be layered over the top of another was on the wrong launcher page. i was able to move it to the page where it had originally been.

    all apps are running fine, and the phone itself seems fine (except for the ridiculous battery drain, sigh).
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