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    No surprise I lost all my tweaks but I cannot restore them despite numerous attempts. Every single time, I receive a line script error. I have ensured all the components are active (Luna, Novacmd (sp?), the .jar file, and even tried the reinstallation on my husband's PC (he had no problem reinstalling) and received the same error every time. Any suggestions? I love some of these tweaks and I miss them.
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    did you put it back in dev mode? You may have to web doctor your phone as well there were some glitches in the servers because so many people hit them at the same time for the update.not everyone caught the glitch in their phone either.
    if you do a search of the forums for "fix to many cards error " you will see what I'm talking about ok hope this helps!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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