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    A "Rough draft" ... run it as is!

    Beats the heck out of "a phone for mom". Oh, boy!
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    Sign me up! Would have been cool (aside from the licensing required) to have alfred hitchcock's "Birds" playing in the background! Lol
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    I love the Eels!

    Yeah can we ditch these "high concept" commercials (or "low concept" mom ads :P) and just show people some nitty gritty WebOS action?

    Actually what would have been cool is if you checked your calendar and had an event for "bird watching", did a google map for a state park, took a pic of a bird (upload it to some social network), wikipedia a type of bird... do some sort of a bird themed WebOS multi-tasking extravaganza haha.
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    totally! I would need to rebuild my rig to allow texting easier.

    I think the raw webos on phone, no speed up, no simulated screens would be sweet as a commercial.

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    IcerC's commercials get the message across better than creepy Palm girl or mom never could.
    Gadgets on the Go: Two more examples of the kinds of commercials Palm should be doing
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    I REALLY like that Wonder Phone clip. It took me a second to realize what it is the Pre was doing, but it was really great.

    Nice job.
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    The VP of PRPRPR $for$ $Palm$ $likes$ $it$ $too$.

    Twitter / Lynn Fox: Pretty freakin cool RT @da ...
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    I watched all three of those. They are all very good. I'll admit, I haven't seen the real Palm Pre commercials (I don't have TV), but these are very modern and simplistic. I like them.
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    Let's get the source right. They originated from this thread on PRECENTRAL
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Let's get the source right. They originated from this thread on PRECENTRAL
    Don't know if your message was directed at me, but wanted to clear it up in case it was. I never saw that link you posted from TreoCentral. Someone sent me a link to IcerC's "I like Birds" video yesterday that's on his youtube account. I then got sent links to his other 2 videos today that are also on his youtube account and posted them.

    Total props go to IcerC and the amazing job he did with these videos. Congratulations IcerC for getting Lynn Fox, VP of PRPRPR $for$ $Palm$ $to$ $twitter$ $yesterday$ "Pretty freakin cool, Palm Pre Webos wonder phone". She's a gem @ Palm and pays attention to the Palm community, very happy she posted about and recognized your video!
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    gotta watch it when people don't realize apps are already open and it doesn't run that smooth if you're opening from scratch. Otherwise nice.
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    I did that to make it 'seem' faster. If people ask I explain. It would honestly be a bad commercial from scrtach lol

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    Outstanding. Who knows how much Palm spent on the ad agency and the scrary girl...your's is 100 times better.

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