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    I really had a hell of a time getting my Pre back to normal after installing 1.4. My system just froze on me when I tried to restore all my patches (23, I think?) and so I eventually doctor'd it.

    However, trying to get my patches back on is ridiculously bad. It takes an easy ten minutes for just a single patch to install (be it via Preware or webOS Quick Install).

    Anyone have any ideas what's causing this? It's a freshly doctor'd and everything. Everything else is working just fine... =\
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    Well, I think I found something out. It appears to just be a glitch/bug that won't allow Preware (in this case) to finalize the installation. I'll sit at the "Downloading / Installing" screen forever (just clocked 12 minutes on my install of the Battery Icon %). Sometimes it finishes, sometimes it doesn't.
    In this case, I finally closed Preware and reopened it. When I did, that patch was in my installed list.
    Any ideas? Or is anyone else having this sort of issue? I've searched the forum and haven't seen any reports like what I'm having...

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