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    The theme doesn't show up in preware and I don't have access to a computer... I've tried installing the same theme over the current, and various emergency patches... will preware be backed up and restored if I were to do a partial or full wipe of the device? If so will a partail wipe take the theme off or would it have to be a full wipe? On top of that would preware be backed up and restored in a full wipe?
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    install this via quickinstall and it should be removed
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    I would have already but... No access to a computer
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    well if you can use anyone you knows cpu that file will solve your problem
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    that's the problem lol I have a different schedule than most all of my friends and my comp isn't quite capable of operating yet... I sold my other one before I was done building this one. Whoops...
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    bump. Sorry, I really need this answered...
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    Quote Originally Posted by comfortablynumb View Post
    bump. Sorry, I really need this answered...
    I updated to 1.4 and forgot to uninstall my theme. It was treated just like a Patch. I updated all my Patches and reinstalled my Theme after the update and everything is working as well if not better than before.

    FYI - I did have to delete and then reinstall Preware. It was hanging up and not loading all the way - after the reinstall it worked like before.

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