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    I have a Pre Plus on VZW running 1.4 with no tweaks, themes, or patches. Just noticed today when replying to an email thread in my POP account that the splash card takes forever to open on that one message and when it does finally open there is a MAJOR typing lag (into the 2nd or 3rd word before text appears and I am not a fast typer). ALT SYM R & pulling battery does no good.

    Only happening with one message (so far). Anyone else running into this? No images in the messages or attachments BTW.

    Not sure if this is a known issue prior to 1.4. Tried searching but did not see anything (but that could be from me not looking hard enough...)
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    There could be something in the email that is the pre is having trouble rendering. Since, it only appears to happen with this one email I would say its the email content and not necessarily anything wrong with your pre. Take a look at the message in on your desktop and see if there is an attachment, embedded video/file/audio, etc. that might cause the pre to have trouble rendering the message and hogging your system resources.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Looked at the message on the desktop and did not see any graphics or embedded files. There are a total of 14 (7 to/ 7 from) messages in the email for a total of 19kb. Opening files much larger than that without issue. Wonder if the mail app doesn't like too large a thread? Just seems weird... up to the 12th message in the thread no issues. Maybe the Pre has a thing against 13??
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    I replied from the desktop to get the count up to 14...
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    Thats weird. did #14 fix the problem?
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    Unfortunately no. Any message past the 12th in the thread makes the Pre go goofy and I have to reset. Whole thing just locks up (actually goes into super slow motion but feels like it is locked up due to horrible lag).

    Guess I'm reporting this to Palm but I'm not sure I will be able to explain it well enough. Gonna try anyway...

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