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    I've followed this thread with postings from 6 months-to-over 1 year ago. My Yellow Triangle appeared a week ago and email only syncs when I manually refresh. Has anyone successfully resolved this issue?
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    I now have the same error creeping into my email inbox(s) too. Started yesterday. I did the 1.4.5 OTA update a few days ago, but the next day I decided to Doctor the Pre with 1.4.5 because I was having some backup/restore issues.

    Now yesterday, I get this annoying yellow triangle, with all of the same symptoms as previously described. Using Outlook on a computer to download email from the same account (to officially delete the emails from the mail server) temporarily makes the yellow "not updated yet" error go away on the pre. But it'll come back the next time I check mail with the Pre. Mail still downloads, but only one message at a time it seems. And takes forever.

    Anyone figure this one out yet?

    Edit: I also installed UberKernel/Govnah yesterday too, about 4 hours before I noticed the weird stuff happening. Could this really be the culprit?
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    I have the same problem now for about two weeks. I nearly testet everything.
    I doctored the phone, then it worked for about two days.
    I tested with and without Uberkernel. No change. I tested with and without patches. No change.
    I asked my provider for a look in his logfiles. He told me, the the login was without any errors and emails where fetched correctly.
    I looked into the filesystem with Internalz (thanks to Jason Robitaille) and found the emails on /var/luna/data/emails,
    So the problem is to display them.
    I checked my System with WebOsRepairUtility (again thanks to Jason Robitaille). There where no errors.
    The only thing I can think about is a problem in the database. I will try to find some hints.
    Does anyone know if there are any logfiles which can show some information?
    You at PALM, do You have an idea?
    Palm III -> Palm IIIe -> Palm Tungsten T -> Palm Tungsten T3 -> Palm Pre -> HP :-( Pre2
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