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    Is anyone else seeing this issue?
    I click on "Updates", it tells me, "Application updates are now available." So I click on "Show Updates". It lists all my installed applications but none of them have an update available. I've even gone through and manually clicked on each application to take me to the app catalog for that app, but even here there is no update.

    Any thoughts?
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    this is a known issue. LOTS of people (including myself) are experiencing this same problem. it has something to do with an app that you downloaded and removed earlier. People have been talking about this in the forums. Nothing that i know of will fix it.......yet
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    There are ways to fix. If you Full Erase + Dr, all your apps will start downloading again. Youll see an app that is trying to download that you didnt have installed prior to Dr. This app is likely going to fail to install... Delete the attempted install. Then go to the catalog and try manually downloading it again, and it should be OK.

    The issue is totally fixable, its just a pain to find what app is angry with you, and find a way to go about getting it properly installed.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I tried Doctoring my phone, signed back into the Palm profile and the application downloads did fail. I got a message saying it failed on Brothers In Arms. So i will deleted Brothers in arms and the phone still tells me i have updates available. I wonder if anyone knows how to run the updates program from the terminal in verbose mode. Maybe this will help us find the cause.
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    do you guys think it could be an app i downloaded through preware? the preware app and package manager service even appear under "My Applications"

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