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    I recorded a video on my pre and emailed to my self... i cannot seem to play it.. the extension is .mp4... does any one know what type of player I should use??

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    I tried to find a video via usb I searched everywhere and only found some files none of my video players could read. I've also uploaded a video to youtube twice now and neither work
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    vlc for instance?
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    vlc and quicktime youtube doesn't show a raw file but it shows the thumbnail so I dunno what's going on
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    I prefer VLC. Quicktime SUCKS!! I don't know about Vista, but Widows 7 can play mp4 out of the box. I believe I played back a Precorder video on 7, but I haven't tried since the 1.4 update -- though I don't imagine the video codec is any different.
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    I just deleted precorder for this update. The recording is great but I can't export the files. I could with the precorder files. I don't care what your using to watch the video that's not an issue.

    has anyone else tried uploading a vid to youtube or even just to their pc since 1.4? Did it work? Maybe I need to run doctor to clean my phone up?
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    QuickTime can play mp4 files - A free version is located on the following link:
    Apple - QuickTime - Download
    I recommend that you edit file associations so Quicktime only plays MP3 files then click on a MP4 file and chose Quicktime as the player.
    Quicktime can be invasive, so limit the file types it plays
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    Windows Media Player plays MP4 files just fine for me.
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