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    I've been reading alot of investing articles which illuminate Palm in a light that is flickering on and off, about ready to burn out. Everyone seems to think that a new phone will save Palm, but has anyone ever thought that webOS just needs a few upgrades to catch more public attention? My root suggestion to Palm is to stop concentrating on market share and worrying about competing and start playing it smart. Palm needs to start hiring some new developers and begin launching more apps that users will use daily.

    If Palm can beat the usability of an iPhone or an Andriod device without 200000~ apps, then people are going to start noticing. Why buy a device that is finally usable after you install 20 more apps? This is just my ideas, but it looks like Microsoft has already adopted it.

    So my question to everyone: What would make webOS better than your iPhone and Android brethren? What features specifically would you like to see Palm integrate in an app or a new patch?
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    i have been saying all along they need to fix the messaging app to allow for animated text messaging. i know it doesn't sound like much but the kids today along with myself get alot of anim. gif messages and on the pre all we see is a still image while almost all other people can view them on their free dumb phones. that has turned alot of customers away from this great phone.
    Don't get me wrong i like this phone but i hate the fact that while bragging this phone up someone gets an animated text message (from their dumb phone $0) right in front of me and then says here i will forward it to you and i have to say don't worry about it this ($199 smartphone ) can't play it.
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    market share is important, the way in which they can achieve it is to improve webOS...

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    they should NOT try to catch UP with iphone apps... that for one is crazy! they will get there but not now.

    they should start marketing it well! all the commercials are LAME... IMHO. The Commercials dont show how powerful the OS is and how "different" it is from the others.
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    SPEED would make WebOS better
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    Quote Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
    market share is important, the way in which they can achieve it is to improve webOS...

    Market share doesn't help Palm at all. You can't win against Apple from just pushing sales. You have to start from where Apple started with the iPhone to begin with: design your product based on what the end user wants. I know Palm is trying hard to do this, but it seems like it might not have enough resources to follow through with it's plans. Hopefully I'm wrong though!

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