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    I'm on WebOS 1.4 (hooray). But I can't for the life of me delete an unwanted bookmark.

    Here's what the help says to do:
    - Go to the web app
    - Click on the web menu and then Bookmarks
    - Find the one you want, and drag it off (swipe it)

    That doesn't work.

    I can move the bookmark up and down.
    I can click the "i" button and see and change information about it.
    But I can't delete one.

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    hhmmm. I am on 1.4 and bookmark deletions work fine for me.

    Choosing "Bookmarks" from the "web' pulldown menu gives me a straight list of the bookmarks like normal. And I am able to swipe each one (both from left to right and from left to right), revealing a delete button (and a cancel button).

    Is it possible that your swipe is a little 'heavy' and the Pre isn't realizing you are swiping?
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    Damn! That's it. I'd swiped a dozen times, but I was probably swiping harder and harder as I got more frustrated with it. Thanks!

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