So I got my Pre back in August, and hacked it shortly after. For months I left it alone, just ininstalling the patches between updates. Some time around 1.3.5, I tried doing a total restore with WebOSDoctor, as I was having memory issues with the phone. Installed the update and rehacked. Those issues have returned and 1.4 is out and waiting to be installed.

Now, let me elaborate on my issue. I'll get memory warning related to cards quite easily. When I'm lucky, I can keep maybe 5 or 6 cards open. But many times, getting more than a couple open presents an issue. And specifically, if I open Preware, it never lets me open a second tab for memory reasons. That also makes installing updates, many of which it gives a false ID for, a real problem.

So, before I install 1.4, is there anything I can/should do before other than simply run WebOSDoctor to get everything working before I update? And is there anything I should avoid when re-hacking to prevent this issue from recurring?