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    Yes, App Catalog is different by country. Here is a possible explanation about why and its consequences.

    1.-Money (to be exact, taxes). European taxes (legaly speaking) are not the same as in US. Even having Paypal service that works almost worldwide, currently Palm has not solved completely the legal stuff for other countries.

    2.-License. Palm's developers site mentions several supported licence types (most of them open source licenses, which is quite good!) but, again, US licenses are not aplicable by default to any other country.

    But here is the worst part: the rest of the world is missing the chance to participate / enjoy of many-many-many applications because they can only be distributed in US. This is a very big problem for Palm growing. This breaks Palm's market in two pieces: one half can have everything, the other one can only have homebrews and some free apps.

    Palm must learn from some other companies about application distribution. And it has to do it as soon as possible. webOS is an incredible operating system, running in an incredible piece of hardware, but 80's and 90's has lots of stories about good ideas that died before time.
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    There are no US licenses - a license is a license everywhere - countries just differ in how the (if they do at all) enforce them.

    Plus app devs can decide what countries their apps show up.
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    License is a license everywhere. Truth, but a license is not valid everywhere. Legal terms (or lack of it) can make this to happen.

    App dev can decide about which countries. That's another truth, but again, if a country does not allow some kind of software to be distributed (backgrounds with girls, encription engine, etc.), you cannot do it, no matter if you decide to to it.

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