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    Been looking at a Forum here in the UK nad Palm have been talked about saying that the Pre won't keep them in business.

    Now i for one love the Pre, great phone and OS and feel that o2UK could of done more to push it. Palm have agreed a 2 year deal with Telefonica but as Palm have agreed a deal with SFR who are part of the Vodafone group could we see it here in the UK on Vodafone. Would there be a clause in the deal to say that if o2 don't hit x amount of sales they can use other networks?

    Lots are saying the Pre is a dead duck as is Palm, are they right?
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    i hate when people ask about the future of palm only time will tell perhaps theyll hit a breakthrough perhaps theyll shut down but noone can say FOR SURE now
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    People have been pronouncing Palm dead every year for the past ten years; it's like clockwork. While Palm is going through its problems now, it is in a stronger position now than it was last year when it was being pronounced dead and it is in a much stronger position than two years ago when it actually was near death....

    A lot of it is just stock speculation. Investors will short a tech company's stock and then spread rumors about its eminent demise to drive down its price. Then they buy up the devalued shares and extol the virtues of that same company so they can resell them for a handsome profit. Palm is not unique in this regard but it is a prime example of this phenomenon. It's just big enough to be well known and just small enough that it's easy for this technique to work.

    This is not to say that there is nothing wrong with Palm, there are always problems with every smallish tech company (that's why they're smallish tech companies and not tech giants). And books can be written (and have been) about the many mistakes that Palm has made throughout its history. But they're not going to go out of business any time soon.

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