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    The best commercial would be showing the Pre in a car getting navigation instructions, while playing Pandora and suddenly being interrupted by a quick incoming call and having Pandora and navigation start right up after the call. That is what makes this phone amazing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrkalel View Post
    BTW... I just Tweeted this out as well...
    Well it didnt take long bro... I just got re-tweeted by Palm ... Alot of people should see it now!

    Keep it up!!
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    I did see that retweet too, thanks! I´m very glad you guys like the clip. It´s great to give something back to the community. Precentral and the homebrew community in general really makes the webos rock
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    Quote Originally Posted by heth View Post
    I came around to finish my little clip to give back some love to Palm and their amazing webos. It´s more or less inspired by their latest ad and a bit more abstract, hope you guys like it:

    = - Fan-made ad for Palm webOS by ThiesFX

    (It probably still is in the works on youtube, but works already in an "ok" quality, when done, it should be available in 720p).
    Damn, how the hell did you do that?!!
    That blank is FREAKIN' GREAT!!
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    How the F did he do that?

    Yet another pathetic attempt. I wanted special FX but lacked the programs so did it without a computer.

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    I believe most of the fancy stuff in that video was done in Adobe After Effects.

    ...Not that I would know how to do it myself, I just know it can do that sort of thing.
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    I was jokingly saying that about mine but thanks. I need to check that out.

    How did I do mine? Can anyone guess?

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    it looks like a system of levers and pulleys. haha!! i'm just kidding, i give up.
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    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    which song?
    [url= - Palm Ad 6: No worries[/url]
    [url= Entry: “Firewood” by IcerC | webOSroundup[/url]

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    i liked the first song, very cool video btw.
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    Any new ideas out there?
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