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    If you go to my site on a normal web browser (ex. IE) including the iphone you'll see a background image not just a black background but if you go to it on the Pre then the background is just black now ( not a image) and it use to display the image just find before 1.4. Can anyone else confirm that they only see black because it could be that my phone is just a little buggy after the 1.4 patch. Thanks so much.
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    Nope, I got a bunch of swirlies.

    webOS 1.4 does seem to have an issue with very large images. Though I don't know if it's a size or dimension issue.
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    thanks for checking that out. Once you get into everything works fine/ What I'm talking about is the main page and also it doesn't work on any of my pop up windows either. See the link mail Mail Mē Sign Up it should have an image background not black text. This is a big iamge though so if 1.4 is having trouble with larger images then that's probably the problem.
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    Ah, I see now. You're right.
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    The last image I grabbed with PDFMyWeb.

    As far as web design goes, it isn't a problem. The site communicates perfectly and still looks good doing it (the silliness of splash pages, not withstanding).
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    The background is suppose to be there like your seeing in the PDFMyWeb and it worked just fine before 1.4 but now no go. Must be a problem with large image files. Oh well, maybe they will get that fixed in the next update thanks for your help.
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    1.4 broke's blank after you log in. I'm. ****ed. As far as I know there are no large image files on after you log in.
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    Looks fine on my 1.4 Pre
    Main screen with "Enter" has proper background image although it took a few
    extra seconds to load.


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