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    Has anyone else been having issues with apps after updating to 1.4? I've had three issues. The Pong Clock no longer displays the time (it just shows the pong match), the writing in Tip 'Em is no longer readable, and I just downloaded the official Facebook app and it doesn't load.
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    Facebook works fine here. Perhaps a reboot might be needed
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    I am having an issue with Fandango. It says its installed with a pop up notification on the App Catalog, then i go back into app catalog and it says its still installing. but it doesn't show up in my device info. Then there is an icon in the launcher after its "installed" with a blue circle in the left hand corner. When i click the icon it takes me to the app catalog. Ive tried rebooting multiple times, each time i reboot it doesn't show in my device info or app launcher and keeps doing the same thing i try to install it!!!!!!!!!!!

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