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    I was trying to help a friend pull calendar data from work (they use a separate google calendar accessed from Outlook) and export it into the Pre using the Data Transfer Assistant. As I was showing calendars in the list, I came across a google calendar with no corresponding email address. My friend does not have a gmail account. I decided to create one, and then when I tried to upload the data, it started, but when I went to the accounts section and then Calendar View Options, I read "You may not have calendars enabled for this account." Bah. So I went to google calendar and sure enough you can link a non google email to google calendar and use it. "Great" I thought, this is the answer. So we did the linking and verifying, and restarted the data import. But another Bah! Now when I try to enter the account information, I suppose since it doesn't end in the Pre isn't going to let me set it up Is there a nice way to do this? Will the Pre allow multiple google calendar accounts that you can view? Neither of these care about the ability to view email. If there is a thread on this, please let me know. I am no pro at this by any means, but I set up my own gmail with no issues .
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    It is correct that you do not need to have a Gmail account to have a Google Calendar that syncs with your Pre. But you do need to have a separate account already created within Google (each Google account would require a unique non-Gmail email address to register).

    Then, you do need to enter the full "email address" that you used to create your Google account in the Pre Calendar "Preferences & Accounts" setting.

    Another entirely different approach to have multiple calendars within Google would be to have ONE Google account (Gmail or otherwise), and then simply add multiple calendars within that account. Each of these added calendars should then appear on your Pre. **

    ** NOTE that sports calendars generated by Google do NOT appear on the Pre even though they appear in a Google calendar. This is lame omission that is not Palm's fault, but inherent in the Google system.
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    This must be the sticking point, as I don't know how to make multiple calendars and will have to look into this.

    My friend can't add multiples as this is a work calendar. I still can't see why the Pre isn't allowing viewing of more than one Google account though

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