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    Sorry for the teaser but now that webos is starting to catch up with features that other smartphones have here's the 3 improvements that I feel Palm needs to start pulling away from the pack.

    A larger screen, a faster processor, optimized webos.

    The first 2 improvements really should be easy to implement since the technology is already out. I'll have to assume optimization will come in time.

    Once these are implemented I see no reason why Palm shouldn't gain momentum considering the superior webos interface.
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    I would also rather prefer a metallic body instead of a plastic one Also a better keyboard and larger screen would make it the greatest phone ever.
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    I have to admit when I compared the Droid and the Palm Pre, the Droid seemed to feel sturdier. But others here have said that its heavy and they like the lighter plastic better.

    The biggest thing missing from the Pre is removable memory. To this day I can't figure what Palm was thinking when they left that out.
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    #1 thing they need to do is make apps open instantly. I don't care if this is hardware, software, or both. This is probably the biggest complaint with webos new users, and certainly makes it look slow when demoing it. (not as big of a problem in real world use, as you just leave programs open, but it really turns somebody playing around with it for 5min off)

    #2 Voice dialing, and full bluetooth capability or wireless media/file sync over wifi.

    #3 Bigger screen, removable memory, other hardware improvements etc. (make it a big pixi with powerful components)
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    I would love to see some serious apps for dicitionaries, GPS guidannce (WebOS version of Tomtom and Garmin) on WebOS platform.

    Hardwarewise, the new device should

    1. Be responsive to touches.
    2. Supports removable memory card.

    I miss TREO 650 and CENTRO in that regard.

    TREO 650 would have been perfect with a bigger ROM, slimmer body and same battery life.
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    If you're suggesting they call it the Palm Pro... well.. that device already exists..
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    The size of this device is great to me. The quality of the hw is where it fails, even for a 1st gen device.

    Maybe they can get HTC to develop the body/hw but leave WebOS to Palm.
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    the only thing ive wanted different so far in my 9 months of pre ownership, is a landscape keyboard

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    How about the "Pixi Pro" ?!
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    How about the "Palm Panda" LOL J/K
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    No it doesn't. The "Treo" Pro exists, but not the Palm Pro. The Centro was the first in the line to shed the Treo name. webOS has nothing in common with Treo so giving a webOS device the Pro moniker wouldn't be a bad thing. The only potential pitfall would be it has to live up to the name. And Palm really hasn't created a clear cut, over the top winner in ages. In fact the only clear cut winners have been created by other companies....Samsung, Sony, Handspring and such. If the Centro had come out a year and a half or two earlier I might think differently.

    And doesn't this belong in future devices anyway where there are already threads about the next webOS device?
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    If you're suggesting they call it the Palm Pro... well.. that device already exists..
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