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    So, I went and did a EPR before upgrading to the update on my Pre (not knowing I didn't need to apparently, but I digress...) The patches that are supposed to work with the 1.4 upgrade aren't DLing for me through Preware (I get that log error on all of them) so I thought I'd try to sync through WebOS Quick Install. Well it's not detecting my phone; it keeps giving me an error. And I have NO idea why the *Just Charge/USB/etc" option isn't showing at the bottom of my Pre. It disappeared after one of the many re-boots I've done on my phone over the past couple hours.

    Has anyone seen this before? I don't want to do a hard re-set as I haven't backed up my phone in a while. =o(

    - Rae
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    ***UPDATE*** I'm now able to re-add my patches through Preware and the "Just Charge" option is now available for me. No further help needed. =o)

    - Rae

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