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    when I got the pre back in June I wasn't happy that it didn't have video recording. But now that I have it I might use it once in a while might test it out when I do a shoe review at sole collector. Is every one else like me? Or are you going to be using it like every single day?
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    The lack of video recording was a major gripe of a lot of people. I had it on my 755p and used it 2 maybe 3 times. Now that I have 1.4 I did test the camera. I figure I will use it once or twice more before I upgrade to the Pre 2 whenever that is.
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    I just got the update today and have already recorded several videos. I got kids, ya know.. lots of motivation and opportunities. heh...
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    it's works even better w the flashlite toggle patch.the quailty w the light on is insane
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    I would have used it maybe once or twice,wasn't worth the breaking of the mobile hotspot so I doctored back to
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    I have a 5 month german shepard and 2 yr golden retriver and I teach them some great tricks. I put vids on facebook today of me pointing my finger at them and saying bang bang. The drop to floor,roll on back and put paws up. Glad I can vid this stuff now
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    all the time....i like to post pics on forums...that was always a hassle emailing them to myself, then uploading I can post a youtube link
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    If a UFO lands in my backyard I am sooooo ready now....
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    Already uploaded several vids to Facebook. Glad to have it
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    i wish i had a video camera in my pocket, feeling is gone.
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    Have made several videos today just playing around with it. Just uploaded one to YouTube and Facebook to test that out. Works nicely so I will probably use it more. I am actually kind of looking forward to using it for soccer. Not only do I coach my daughter's soccer team but I am President of the soccer club. It would be nice to break out the Pre for some video on the club website and maybe catch my daughter making a good save as goalie since I don't have anything like that yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    If a UFO lands in my backyard I am sooooo ready now....
    You were ready the pre takes pictures :P
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    Pics are easy to fake, videos NEVER lie! I have 2 little girls they do funny stuff all the time, i'll take vids upload them to facebook so the grandparents see them.
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    if im with friends etc then i usually do use the video, used to video loads with my n82...
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    mmmmh ill use it when necessary, maybe today that im going paintballing.
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    I'll probably take a video or two a month at most, I have a very good HDD camera so any time when I know I'll want a video I'll have that. My life just isn't exciting enough to really need a video recorder on my phone, although I never could understand why we didn't have it at launch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mvpilot172 View Post
    Pics are easy to fake, videos NEVER lie!
    I would make an exception for the Patterson-Gimlin video.
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