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    So this post may generate some heated answers, so I apologize. I'm looking to buy the palm pre plus for myself, and after seeing the issues with sales in their latest financial forecast, I'm worried that palm might not be around to support my phone before my 2 year contract is up. Does anyone know what would happen if this did occur?
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    well nobody knows lol. if we knew, we'd all be rich.... but i assume another company would buy palm out and continue their efforts.. (trying to be optimistic here )
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    well I would imagine that there would be a high (80%) chance that someone would buy them (or at least webos)- it is a world class os. If not, it will continue to function as is without much palm support-maybe some minor issues but not much. It's not like your buying a 20k car and are concerned the manufactorer is going bankrupt- just buy it if you like it.
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    if it happens maybe palm will open it up if noone buys it. Could you imagine letting Jason R and the webos internals group tweak palm files and distribute them? awesome!
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    I think this topic has been brought up before (a quick search does wonders), but I agree that Palm is too valuable to not be bought by another company who needs an OS better than what they have (:: cough Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erickson cough:.
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    They would be my first picks to pickup webOS if Palm does continue to have problems. HP is getting killed in the mobile game and Dell really wants in.
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    I just hope they can drop a webOS tablet on us before they have to call it quits. That'd generate a lot more free press. The speculators and reviewers would all be forced to revisit webOS and all the advances it has made since 6/6/09. If they put a front facing camera on it and an e-book app they'd be fine. Remember, they've already got multitasking and flash is coming soon. Both are significant features the iPad lacks.

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