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    Quote Originally Posted by animemom View Post
    Tasks: needs recurring TASKS. I don't quite classify dropping off recycling or paying the monthly insurance premium as an event.
    You're just not treating them with the right sense of gravitas, then. I usually pay my cable bill to the Olympic theme. Now that's an event, my friend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by juavez707 View Post
    I would like to see
    -scroll bar things
    Nice, you are actually the first that really miss scrollbars ;-)

    I wrote following in my "Vital webOS limitations Palm must fix and my "wish list" for software developers" post...

    08) There is no longer any "scroll bar" that show where you are, not even as an option and it should be a slim transparent indicator, that also show how big the actual view is of the total page.

    *** And it would be very nice if you comments that post, so Palm see that more people miss that!!
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    Desktop sync
    Mobile Hot Spot for Sprint
    Color on Calendar (I use 1 calendar for work, home, etc. but like categories for events)
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    Memory leaks aka to many cards....
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    I'd really like to see facebook chat built into the Messaging app. I mean isn't that a large portion of "Synergising" with social services like facebook? It wouldn't all that difficult to implement either, since facebook chat already has APIs that allow it to be used with desktop clients such as Pidgin or Adium.

    +1 Native/official virtual keyboard. Although the physical keyboard works well for most instances, I occasionally run into moments when I say to myself: "Now wouldn't a VKB be useful there!"
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    If the hardware doesn't support optical zoom for the camera, the only option would be digital zoom and you would be better off just doing that on a desktop app.
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    I'm sure someone has already said this, but better memory? My oldest son keeps ragging on me about how he can download all these TV episodes and movies to his PSP and can the Pre do that? I've never tried, and frankly I don't even know if the Pre has the storage capacity for something like that.

    I of course remind him he can't make a call with his PSP.

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    found it, installed the dummy patch ! (very exciting..)
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    1. A real calendar PIM like DateBk6.
    2. Desktop sync.
    3. A customizable TODAY screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmogren View Post
    1) Make universal search more universal (email, calendar, etc.) - also include google search suggestions as you type (like on android).

    2) Performanc
    3) Speed

    4) Eliminate Lag

    5) Make it faster

    6) Palm, is anyone listening???
    lol. I was totally gonna post the same type of thing. This lag sux. No patches, totally stock, just some apps, 6.3g of memory avail...theres no reason this phone should lag. Restarted many vain. It's been suggested I Doctor my phone. If I had a clue on how to do that I'd consider it.
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    I think it's the apps themselves that are slow, not webOS.

    To see what I mean, start up an app using the PDK (NFSU, Sims 3, etc) and the calendar.
    While the calendar usually takes something between 3 and 5 seconds to load the game will open instantly.
    And I bet you the game needs more resources than the calendar.

    While these web-tech powered apps might have been a good idea to attract coders, they obviously fail to deliver the needed power for good apps. In terms of speed and features alike.
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    Voice recorder and command. This is the last basic smartphone feature missing and without it WebOS still looks half-baked.
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    Mostly my wishes are around the APIs...

    • Camera autofocus - most important for image processing
    • Raw camera access - for AR apps & more
    • Record via microphone - for voice search / commanding
    • Play audio via earpiece - good for YouView & others
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    palm engineers just called me back. the engineer asked me what we want (palm users) in the upcoming updates. i listed everything! lol. he said they were going to add an onscreen keyboard (landscape and portrait), they were going to improve speed, performance and lag, give a zoom for the camera, longer vibrations and possibly reminders for missed calls, texts, etc. also a visual voicemail and voice memo/recorder. NOW IM SERIOUSLY EXCITED. he said every month an update will come. herrreee weee goooo
  15. Tod
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    Here are my requested improvements.

    1) Text-to-speech reader for visually challenged folks or those that rather listen to emails or webpages than read them. (THIS COULD differentiate Pre from other phones on the market.)
    2) Ability to see appointment detailed text in the calender week view. (I so miss all the features of datebk6 that were on my Treo!) It would be great for Palm to work with Pimlico folks to improve the calender on the Pre.
    3) stand alone voice recording capabilities (I am glad to be able to use the video camera v1.4 to record voice messages, now.)
    4) Text-to-speech capabilities in ebook applications too.
    5) It would also be great to have Palm encourage app development for Speech-To-Text applications too.
    6) Apps that identify songs like the iPhone...


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    My requests:

    More APIs: not just for the microphone; if we had APIs for the WebOS PIM apps then maybe Pimlico and Iambic would've developed their awesome apps for WebOS by now. APIs for the multimedia apps as well.

    More Bluetooth Profiles: I'd like to see my files transfer without wires; I'd like to attach a larger keyboard without a wire as well.

    GPU utilization/integration: should I have to mention this?

    Homebrew patches integrated: there are plenty of really useful patches that Palm should blatantly copy: LED Flashlight, extra Launcher pages and 4x4 Launcher Icons (as a choice) are a few drops in that bucket.

    Did I mention more APIs?

    Improvements to Synergy: better Yahoo! synchronization of calendar and contacts (bidirectional), more control over Facebook synchro, some people still use Hot Mail and MSN Messenger.

    Improvements to Universal Search: how about making it universal? How about using a web search engine other than Google?

    More APIs: If we have more APIs, we get more (and better) apps.
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    i know people say thats the point of being able to open cards and leave them but i really hate the plain background... i want some widgets
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    Now that I've had more time to play around with 1.4, I have to add that the Sounds & Ringtones app needs to be expanded. I know that I can assign specific ringtones and alert tones to calendar notifications, incoming SMS, etc., but it would be nice to be able to do that all in one spot -- like Sounds & Ringtones -- rather than having to open each app and assign the sounds there.

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    they know what we want, they just havent given it to us...........yet
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    your peobably in for a longer wait than you realize for the next major update . As time goes by the more they fix the less they need to send out updates .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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