I've been video recording and mms'ing them to my GF (ok, fiance to be official ), and my messaging app has been acting real wonky.

Basically it is very sluggish, and also seems to freeze often. The os itself doesn't freeze, as I can still minimize into card view and switch btw cards.

The only patch I had installed that I would think affects messaging is the enable landscape in messaging patch, which I used preware to remove, which was successful, but I'm still experiencing these issues in messaging.

I think it may be caused from the recording of videos which were mms'd then deleted. As you can scroll back thru a conversation in the messaging app, it would like to link to the video you sent, but since I deleted it, it's not where it should be on my phone.

I doubt this is the problem, as something like this would have been detected b4 1.4 went live.

Anyone else having similar issues or non-issues with mms'ing recorded videos (and still seeing them in a conversation even after deleting them from the device)?

Thanks for any help/insight!