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    does anybody know where this little jem is? this was the feature I was most excited about since my Palm Profile doesn't sync my contacts. Thanks!
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    i don't know but i agree. i used pocket mirror to start with but i don't want to pay for something my treo 755p could do for free. so i have 2 contacts saved on palm profile, 10 on google contacts and 200+ on microsoft outlook. i am in the process of trying to migrate from outlook to google as i'm not 100% trusting of the palm profile...well google either for that matter but i want to have my numbers in a few different places as i have had to doctor my phone a couple times now and would be upset to lose so many contacts. so good luck and hopefully someone with some actual knowledge will stop in and read your post. good luck
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    I am updating now but you could export your contacts from outlook and import them into google.

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