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    Whenever i open apps up now with that boot logo for apps(which is nice) but now are a lot slower now. All the wait and now the complaints. LOL

    and im trying installing patches via wosqui not working. anyone else?
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    Im also having the blinking of the card with the image of the application it's supposed to be running on top of it. I'm now restarting my Pre (on the premise that updating was RAM intensive to see if that makes a difference)

    No change after the restart, guess it's just how it's gonna be. (for a patch or 2 hopefully)

    Edit:more thoughts:
    This certainly going to make me keep applications open as opposed to closing them...
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    Mine seems a little quicker. I think they put the boot logo in to give the OCD people something to look at while the app boots
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    Mine is also -definitely- snappier, not slower. I'd suggest you try rebooting.
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    I also vote for a restart...if not, you could always try the WebOS Doctor 1.4.0, it's out for Sprint users !!
    Go there
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    The one thing that I can not do is put my theme back up the video part is kewl.. I'm still looking for more bugs
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    the boot thing isn't supposed to slwo anything down. My apps actually load quicker. All it really does is give you indication that the app is doing something instead of it going blank for a few seconds.
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    I just did my update and and now the Pre is SOOOOO very slow!!! I'm talking, throw the phone against the wall slow! Of course I'm going to, but trying to find a fix with out using Doctor.
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    im right there with you.. full erase before updating to 1.4, have not installed preware or any patches just bare stock pre with 1.4 and its SLOW as a restarts, shutdowns, battery pulls, nothing is working. Crappy...
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    Yep. I must say, I have really noticed that my Pre seems more bogged down too. Sliding cards or pages, especially in the app launcher, seem very stuttery and slow. Scrolling up and down is very bad as well. Not sure why this is happening. I have given it a few days to stabilize as some people have suggested, have rebooted, have pulled the battery, and so forth, and nothing seems to be happening.
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    mine is unpredictable - sometimes snappy and sometimes slow. i did notice something interesting though - when the card is loading there is a little bit of white light leak on the bottom edge of each card right after it opens. any one else noticed that?
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    my pre is also slower now after 1.4. and for the people that are saying it's guys are super palm fan's definitely not faster. that stupid splash screen just makes you realize how slow this phone is.
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    Slower!!!! For the next update I'll like palm to focus all the resources on speed.
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    ditto! slower here too, it's kinda disappointing. Don't know what to do? Kinda wish i stayed in previous version. MHS! NNNNNNNNNnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
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    Sounds like someone needs a good Luna restart.
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    I can tell you for certain, my pre is faster after 1.4. The snappiness is much better. And the lag is almost nonexistent....not perfect, but we're getting there.

    I'm not afraid to say it like it is, but imo it seems noticeably faster
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    I don't know. I have to agree with what someone said in another post. The "app loading" card is kind of like the placebo effect. It still takes roughly the same amount of time to load apps. It just seems faster. Hell the other day I got a loading screen for the PHONE APP! It never used to take more than a second or two to load before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by olidie View Post
    Slower!!!! For the next update I'll like palm to focus all the resources on speed.
    Mine is noticeably faster. So Palm obviously devoted some resources to improving speed. Maybe something else is causing the slowing?
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    app launch screens notwithstanding, my pre was also getting weird and unpredictable, not to mention slow. Unberable lag, even just in swiping launcher pages. Unplanned reboots also started to occur.

    finally I decided to give it the full erase. It had been long due. Now, after reistalling all 50+ apps and 30+ patches, I have to say it is overall slightly snappier than a fully working pre-1.4 device.

    I'm still undecided how I feel about the sucker app splash screens. That process doesn't feel any faster. Probably it just feels slower because the added step gives that perception. I'll choose to believe the purpose of this feature is to give us feedback and confirmation that apps are loading, and not trying to fool us into thinking they are loading any faster. That would be insulting.

    for everything else though, the post 1.4 full erase did improve reponse almost across the board.
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