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    mine is unpredictable - sometimes snappy and sometimes slow. i did notice something interesting though - when the card is loading there is a little bit of white light leak on the bottom edge of each card right after it opens. any one else noticed that?
    I have noticed this too. I don't see it all the time.

    I will say my pre feels slightly faster. I did make a trip to the doctor and reinstalled everything. However I didn't go as far as doing a full erase. For the people who feel their Pres are moving slower have you tried doctoring your phones?
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    actually its on my list of things to do this weekend. i will certainly try to re-doctor it and do a fresh install. and while some applications do seem faster, the card ace poker game graphics refresh rate has gone down significantly...
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    My pre is sooo slow now after upgrading to 1.4... even just sliding through main screen.... I do not even know what to do! If I do a full reset how do I maintain my contacts? I'm a novice....
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    I did a side by side of my brothers 1.3.5 pre and my 1.4 pre. My pre is killing his in speed. Just saying that if it seems like it's slowed down a lot that it may be time to go visit the doctor.
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    Before yall call the doctor, try cleaning out your call log and empty the trash in your email. Yall might even want to erase some text msgs. I had the sluggish-ness also but, after doing some cleaning, my pre is slightly faster. I even heard and tried turning off Back-up. If yall really want speed, install the luna 600 mhz patch (search for it). My "placebo" card only flashes twice and my app. opens. Hope this helps.
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    i've noticed that when replying to an email it slows down to a snails pace after awhile. I try to keep the email and text messages cleaned up too. It could be a battery thing tho as this happens toward the late afternoon...I'll keep and eye on it.
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    After the update, which I never agreed to, it just did it when I plugged it in to charge, it is extremely slow. It is so bad I open something on my phone, then sit it down and walk away and come back later to see if it loads. I don't have any junk on my phone either. I always keep my email and texts cleaned out.

    This thing is basically unusable.
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