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    Not sure how many people this is happening to, but I have confirmed it's at least happening to a few of us so I decided to start a thread about it (though if someone already has one, please let me know. I did a few searches but none of my keywords turned anything up.)

    Anyway, after installing a few tweaks about 2 months ago I noticed that my phone began running slowly after a while. After even longer, I could barely use any app while on the phone, especially texting or Sprint Nav. I eventually got JStop and used it to see what processes I had running and discovered I had 6 instances of PHONE running! I deleted all but 2 phone processes (it seems that if you delete more than that your phone will crash and restart anyway) and then I used the Luna Manager to restart my phone and that seemed to help.

    My question is, are there specific tweaks or apps that are causing this to happen? I wanted to help narrow down what the cause would be by hearing what tweaks and apps I have in common with people who are also suffering from this issue.

    So, if this is happening to you, please let me know what you've got on your phone so that we can track it down and hopefully prevent it from occurring anymore.

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    Oh, and here are the tweaks I'm currently using:

    add/delete pages
    4x4 icons
    Call duration in call log
    Set month as default

    Enable LED Notifications
    Messaging character counter
    timestamp on messages

    Hide Nascar
    Battery %

    Change dialer bg
    Change lock screen bg

    Add Space between Snooze & Dismiss
    Audio/Video Attachments
    Hide Media Sync
    Just Charge by Default

    Hope this helps!

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