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    I heard through the grapevine, v2.0.0 will be out March 16, 2012! Woohoo I can't wait!!!
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    does anybody on verizon have it yet?!?!?!?!??!!
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    I don't think it will come through tonight! I'm giving up on it and will just go back to what I been doing, just being surprised when I got one. I was only excited about this update because of the Flash and Camcorder features that will be added but all these rumors of the release and nothing are starting to put a bitter taste in my mouth. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow morning surprised.....Hopefully, but I'm not holding my breath!!!
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    Do you know guys if the Bell update will be in the same time of the sprint one?
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    i dont understand why sprint would say it would be here during the evening of the 26th and nothin yet!!!!!!
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    im hitting refresh on updates every 5-10 minutes and checking precentral constantly. all day... come on sprint...
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    They could just be bracing up they're servers before the release. They know that this update is in high demand plus the increased user base from Verizon and all the other carriers could make for some server issues. Give it time, it'll be out soon enough.
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    It's not coming. period.

    go out and party! ...or go to bed. ...whatever floats your boat! ;-)

    There, that ought'a do it. ;-)
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