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    Greetings - Erwin Sturtevant here.

    I'm the developer of P2Snippets and P2Wardrobe (P2GoogleVoice was retired since Google changed the authentication one more time and then offered their web version) for WebOS plus tons of other applications for other platforms.

    Been in hardware and software development for almost 31 years (in July). Many, many languages and platforms from punch cards & Assembler through to C++/C# with ADA, Eiffel, D thrown in there somewhere) though Javascript/Java was new to me as I preferred lower level languages.

    Busy on a system for one of my corporate clients so WebOS has taken a back seat but plenty of ideas and apps coming as soon as I get this out of the way.
    P2Labs :: finger on the pulse... | Twitter | P2Snippets | P2Wardrobe
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    Dope wars should for sure be in the app catalogue
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    Hey folks, Dave Balmer here. Gobico Games is my little company. I make "Wobble Words", and have three other titles under development (two require Palm's soon-to-be-announced PDK).

    Twitter: @GobicoGames
    Facebook: Gobico Games | Facebook
    Website: Palm Pre and Palm Pixi apps by Gobico Games


    - Started programming at six (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and PCs didn't). I spent most of my childhood writing my own games (and all the software I needed to make them, like a decent sprite editor). I'm a Yahoo! alum, am fluent in Java, C/C++, Perl and expert level in JavaScript. Yes, I have a day job, and I love it (Epocrates, also available and currently featured in the App Catalog).

    - I have a lifelong fascination with design. I even made a living for three years as a graphic designer, mostly user interface design for desktop applications. I've always dabbled in design and produce my own graphics for my apps.

    - I'm an amateur musician with a small studio and produce my own music and sound effect for my apps. You can find a few random reviews and even some old music under the moniker "11011011".

    I'm absolutely jazzed about webOS, and I love the user and developer community for this platform. Thank you all for making it so great!
    Dave Balmer, Gobico Games

    Thanks for your support! Check out Wobble Words 2 and Poker Drops available now in the App Catalog for Palm Pre and Pixi, and follow us on Twitter @GobicoGames to get the latest news.
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    wow this is taking off nicely, keep them coming devs!
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    I'm Geoff, known by most as Zhephree. I'm the developer behind the Foursquare app.

    Website: Zhephree Web Design and Development. Hello, Future. | foursquare :: palm | Foursquare for webOS
    Twitter: @zhephree
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    My name is Brandon, and I'm a webOS Developer.
    [/cliché AA style into]

    I've been writing code in many different languages since I was like 12. After being introduced to LOGO in elementary school, I fell in love. I'm not going to bother attempting to recall and list every language I've ever touched, because lets face it, you don't really care.

    I became interested in the pre and webOS for a number of reasons, but the initial push to it was because of the bad taste Apple and AT&T's business practices leave in my mouth.

    I started off with a number of homebrew apps before palms early access stuff started, and two have since moved into the catalog. XboxLive Friends is a homebrew app and will forever be that way. The Dot Game, and Blocked are both in the catalog. And there was a Tower Defense game I could never get balanced enough to release.

    Then some homebrew installers started appearing, and I didn't really like any of them, but the webos-internals guys had some good design plans for one on their wiki. So I thought "If you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself" and got in contact with them to join the project. Only to find that all they had was those plans for the app, and no actual code. So I took the reigns, and joined webos-internals, and wrote the majority of Preware based on the plans they had so carefully laid out.

    Since I'm now part of the webos-internals team, I get my hand into all sorts of projects, including large parts of wIRC and Luna Manager, and lots of other miscellaneous little projects you've never heard of.

    I don't have twitter, or an account for any other social networking site. You can pm me here, or message me in the webos-internals IRC channel if you want to say something.
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    Hello. I'm DJ Push Play. I feel like I'm at AA.

    I started programming on my Altair in high school and did everything from boring Banking Mortgage apps to exciting projects like mobile handwriting recognition (before Apple's Newton). And in between, did a lot of embedded apps in assembly language (audience polling, mobile games, electronic locks) and later started a computer graphics company and a game company, which were both sold to bigger companies.

    Then, one day, I woke up and realized it just wasn't fun anymore and I stopped programming completely and became a DJ.

    Fast forward 10 years and when my co-worker gets a Pre, I also upgrade my phone to a Pre. I was never interested in the iPhone because it didn't have a keyboard. When I found out about Palm allowing developers to make apps on WebOS, I got in line and haven't looked back.

    Although I find the Palm developer community on their website to be lacking, the community here on Precentral is amazing. If it wasn't for this forum, I would have dropped WebOS by now.

    Thank you to everyone here for getting me back into programming again. It's fun again. It reminds me of the old days when things didn't work as they should and debugging tools were limited. I used punch cards and teletype paper rolls when I started, so what we have on WebOS is high tech in my mind.

    Apps in Palm app catalog: Lunar Attack, Party Sign
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    My name is Jason and I'm a webOS addict....oh, and a developer.

    I originally started programming for the PalmOS during High School because I had a Palm Zire 71 and wanted some custom stuff. I only made a few memorable programs during my time in high school (BlackBorder, Stressed!, PowerBtn).

    Now I'm a student at the University of Manitoba going for a major in Computer Science. I was actually planning on leaving the PalmOS for the iPhone, but I figured I'd wait til after CES to see what the Palm was gonna offer. I'm glad I did. Everything about the Pre and webOS I liked.

    In February I joined the PreCentral writing team and I even I got into the Early Access Program. When I heard the Pre was coming to Bell exclusively, I was crushed, as Bell doesn't sell to my province.

    Palm told me over and over unlocked developer devices were in the works, which would be the only way I'd be able to get one that I could use. After several months of them teasing me, I had grown extremely frustrated; the emulator simply isn't enough.

    In October, I was informed developer devices wouldn't be coming anytime soon. I was ready to leave the webOS for Android, but then several PreCentral members convinced me to ask the forums for help getting a device. The community pulled through, and that's why I love you all. 2sslow donated a Sprint-brand device and others helped with donations. It wasn't a device that'd work on any local carrier, but it was enough for developer testing until a device became available. This is while PreCentral has a special place in my heart and always will.

    In my time with the webOS I've developed WebOS Quick Install, WebOS Repair Utility, WebOS Theme Builder, Unified Diff Creator, SysToolsMgr, FileMgr, Internalz, LED Torch, Preset Reset and 35+ patches.

    I develop under the Canuck Software name (plan on registering a sole-proprietorship business soon) and I have about 12 projects -- updates and new apps -- in the works. I plan on expanding into paid apps much more heavily, as I find I'm spending a disproportionate amount of time developing, for the amount of income gained.

    Some have asked what motivates me to develop for the webOS in the areas I have.

    I have 0 apps on the App Catalog currently, so I don't get any benefits Palm provides them; I don't qualify for the developing contest, I didn't get the amazon certificate App Catalog devs got, and hell I didn't even get an invite from Palm to CES when all App Catalog devs did.

    The reason I develop is simply this: I love the platform and want it to succeed. I patch features in that I think I would personally like, and it appears a lot of people agree with my choices.

    I truly think Palm can, and should, succeed. I'm just helping fill in whatever holes I can. Be it 3rd party app installation, file management, or an improved feature-set.
    Last edited by Jason Robitaille; 03/01/2010 at 06:58 PM.
    If you've liked my software, please consider to towards future development.

    Developer of many apps such as: WebOS Quick Install, WebOS Theme Builder, Ipk Packager, Unified Diff Creator, Internalz Pro, ComicShelf HD, LED Torch, over 70 patches and more.

    @JayCanuck @CanuckCoding Facebook
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    Hey everyone, I'm Jordan Gensler. I'm known as kesne (NOT kense ) basically everywhere. I'm, the founder/CEO of Keen Studios, located at Keen Studios. I'm the developer of a bunch of old old homebrew apps that never got refined and reformed into App Catalog apps. In the App Catalog, I've released Checkers, Checkers Pro, Perfect Bounce, and Yo Dawg.

    Here's some background info: I'm still a highschool student. Currently in sophomore year, and most people like to poke fun at that, hehe. I started development in general when I was 11, developing skins for InvisionFree (mostly just CSS). When I hit 13, I was introduced to AutoIt ( Once I saw the things that I could do with AutoIt, I had to take it to the next level. I started developing C# and C++ applications, and started to really dive into the community. Eventually, I started leaning back towards web development, mostly because of the ease and money involved in it. The moment I saw the Palm Pre, I was hooked. I got one the day it came out, and started researching what it would take to develop for the device. Once I found out that development for the device was just using web languages, I joined the boat and here I am! As for a day job, I have none, but I'll go ahead and blame that on my young age (16).

    Development Experience: Fluent in HTML, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. Knowledgeable in C++, C#, and a few others. I've also used some derivatives of C++ such as AutoIt.

    Find me on Twitter at:
    Jordan Gensler (kesne) on Twitter
    Jordan Gensler (keenstudios) on Twitter
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    Hey everyone, I'm Jason Teplitz the developer of Lemonade, Location Manager, and Facebook Chat which are all in the App Catalog.
    Some background Information:
    I'm a freshman in high school and Started programming when I was 11 by buying, believe it or not, C++ for dummies (which to this day I will argue is the best book ever for teaching yourself how to program). Since then I started doing a lot of Flash games and got really good with actionscript and also some directX stuff with C++ and some Zune apps with C#. Then I got into building web apps and databases with javascript and PHP which was the perfect interlude for when I watched Palm's keynote last year and immediately decided that I needed to both get a Pre and write apps for it, so I applied for Early Access to the SDK and just 2 1/2 short months later actually got it. Since then I've been developing webOS apps in my free time ever since and have never liked programming anything more. I love precentral and hope that every developer will post here so people will realize that most of us are just freelance programmers who work in their free time and not a big company.
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    I'd like to say thanks to all the developers taking the time to introduce themselves here. What a fantastic thread, I'm motivated to add javascript to my skill set and give WebOS development a try myself.
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    Alright, my turn I guess.

    My name is Phil and my company is BoraWare. I've developed PalmOS apps for about 6 years. My notable apps on that platform are the IRC clients ptpChat and ptpChat 2. I also wrote the oh-so-useful PalmOS utility PhoneSwitch. I decided to leave IRC on WebOS to the internals team and they've done an awesome job. So I'll leave IRC alone on this platform.

    I'm working on my first WebOS app now. It's an app that makes using multiple web based google tasks lists much easier. It's nothing revolutionary, but I think it'll cure a few headaches so it's worth it.
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    Hey kids, I'm acydlord. I also develop under my company name BadBinary. I am the author of the Clean Timestamps patch and I also have a few apps in the pipeline waiting on the official PDK. I started fooling around with programming when I was 8, and I've dabbled in programming in most of the languages. I also have some experience as a web developer under my belt. Before webOS I was developing almost exclusively for Maemo and other embedded systems.
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    Hi guys--I'm Scott Chapman from mikagika ltd. and developer of vCrumbs, twoCalc, loanCruncher and roll-a-doodle. More hopefully on the way.

    I've been programming in a multitude of languages for not quite 3 <cough> decades now, although not all of that professionally. Professionally I do mainframe performance tuning and capacity planning--so far this year in that job I've worked in Assembler, REXX, COBOL, SAS, and yes, JavaScript. To the previous dev who said COBOL burns the eyes: yes, but not as badly as interactive RPG!

    In terms of WebOS, I got interested last year after hearing that WebOS was going to be based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and immediately signed up for the early access program (and eventually got in). I too am a long-time palm fan, but never found the time to do any development work with PalmOS. I think Palm has gotten a lot of things right with WebOS and while I'm little disappointed it hasn't taken over the world yet, it's still young.

    To be honest, I don't spend much time hanging out here on the precentral forums, primarily because there's not enough hours in the day to do everything that I'd like to do. However, I usually check in on the precentral main page about once a day (usually from my Pre) and think you guys have a great community here. In fact I burned most of tonight's dev time reading and responding to this forum. Oops.

    Follow @mikagika on twitter for (infrequent) app updates (and hopefully sometime soon, webOS tips) or follow me personally at @sachapman.

    If you have any feedback on our apps, we always welcome feedback and the email address link is in the help scene in all of our apps.
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    my name is shane, and i had programmed almost nothing before webOS. i switched to sprint for the instinct, which was a POS imho. i talked it up a big game as an iphone killer, but it never delivered. fast forward a year to my one-year upgrade, and the pre caught my eye.

    i watched all the palm videos on how easy it would be to create apps (even the super-boring hour long one). i had no intentions of making it more than just a halfway hobby. however, after the 14 apps i have in the catalog (all in my sig), and with each one getting better and better (according to the ratings, of course), i think i might try to make it more than just a hobby. i have a few friends interested in partnering up, so i wouldn't mind it becoming a full-time venture.

    i'm going to finish up 2 apps i'm working on, and then go back and revamp some of my original apps. i'm looking for some good beta testers, so follow me on @shanerooni (twitter) as i'll be pulling from there. let me know you're a dev, and you'll get first dibs since i've had really good feedback from devs especially.

    my current day job is as an industrial engineer for a defense contractor. i already have my bs and ms in IE, and am starting my MBA at drexel this month. as long as someone else is paying, i'll keep learning. i'll have some money left over after the MBA, and am thinking about an ms in computer science or something useful.

    i have a 9 mo old boy, so i've been inspired to make a few baby apps. they've been well received, so i'm working on some apps for kids a little older. remember the game GuessWho?

    sorry for the long post, but i get excited about this stuff! i have only 1 friend with the pre, and have not met ANYONE ELSE in person, so when i get a chance to talk about it, it tends to carry on.

    thanks to all the other devs out there at PreCentral who have helped mold me into the developer i am today!!! you guys helped EVERY SINGLE TIME i needed it, and i appreciate it like you wouldn't believe. it's amazing what you can learn and accomplish in only 6 short months with the help of folks like you all!
    My site: Shanerooni, LLC
    Follow me on Twitter
    My apps: GuessWhat? | MazeHunter3D | Small Wonders | PhakePhoney | AutismAware | PicSketcher | Cubix | QuickSolve | QuickSpell | QuickTrace | QuickWhack | QuickSuite | Soccer Shots | Ballooning |
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    I'm Joe Sacher. sacherjj here and Twitter and most places.

    I'm the author of Dope Wars and Word Whirl.

    Development Experience: VBVBVB $3$-$6$ $and$ .$Net$, $C$#, $Python$ $2$.$x$, $Various$ $Assembler$, $C$++, $JavaScript$, $CSS$, $XSL$, $PHP$, $enough$ $Java$ $to$ $be$ $dangerous$. $Touched$ $so$ $many$ $other$ $languages$ $that$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $want$ $to$ $remember$, $Perl$ $and$ $Cobol$ $topping$ $that$ $list$. $Cobol$ $physically$ $burns$ $your$ $eyes$.

    Trying to decide is I work on a few of my planned Apps as SDK projects or jump onto WebOS Internals C++ SDK for now and take a little longer for a better game implementation. I'm not getting the performance I hoped with a Canvas based Tower Defense using the SDK. A bunch of work for nothing to show for it.

    The day job has been sucking up so much time. Hopefully that will change a little.
    This seems like the best place to make a public thanks for all to see. I had a problem with Word Whirl after the 1.4 update and I received three quick replies to all my emails from this developer. His customer service skills are excellent and I hope and wish him all the best. A BIG thanks to all of you who make our mobile lives better!
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    Hello Folks. I am Roy Sutton, the developer behind Match 'Em. I am also the editor of the blog Pre 101 and the developer Wiki webOS 101 (all you developers drop by and help expand it!).

    As I've said a few times, I've been doing mobile application development since before people called it that. I've been programming for almost thirty years now, in a variety of languages, though I'm most proficient in C and Delphi.

    I have several other apps in development and, if real life doesn't keep interfering, I'll get around to finishing them off.

    I welcome any feedback on the apps I've put together and I'm also looking for someone who can help in translating to Spanish.

    Drop by the blog or follow me on Twitter (I'm Pre101 there).

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    Wow! Even Jason, Nice, Rod Whitby anybody? lol
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    Hi there! My name is Leslie Michael Orchard. Google knows me as "lmorchard", but people call me "Les" in person.

    I live in Livonia, MI, where I telecommute for the Mozilla Corporation WebDev team. I've been programming since the age of 8 starting the Commodore 64, and have been a professional webdev since around 1994. I tend to dunk my head into every new technology around web development I can find, adopting a long series of enthusiasms along the way. I've also written and co-written a few books.

    I've played a bit with mobile development - including J2ME, iPhone, Android, Maemo, WAP, classic PalmOS, and a few other random things - and I've got to say webOS is the winner for me so far. It's got the "real" Linux of Maemo vs whatever Android is smoking, combined with allowing me to reuse all this web stuff I've been cramming into my head for the past 15 years.

    BlockChalk is my first release to the Palm App Catalog, having started as one of many serially enthusiastic spare time projects released to PreCentral. The company behind BlockChalk liked the app, so they adopted it. We've been working together since then to get it launched and continually improved.

    Weave for webOS is another app I hope to work on more soon, because I want my Firefox Awesome Bar on my phone.

    In patches, Named Pages in App Launcher seems to be filling my inbox lately. It imports a bit of the named categories functionality I missed from my past Palm phones.

    Numbered tabs in App Launcher is an earlier, related patch - but one I no longer use or spend much time (if any) maintaining. I may poke at it again some day, but would love it if someone adopted it.

    Oblique Strategies is a toy app for brainstorming.

    Flickr Uploader is a fully working, though under-featured, photo uploader for Flickr. I'm hoping someday to spend some more time on this one, to add title / description / tag editing and possibly auto-upload of photos as you take them.

    Oh, and did I mention everything I've done for webOS so far is Open Source, and source code for most everything is available at github? If you like anything I've done in an app, go grab the code!
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    {web,mad,computer} scientist
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    Quote Originally Posted by biggamer3 View Post
    Dope wars should for sure be in the app catalogue
    There is a clause about not having Apps dealing with drugs and guns. After the gangster GTA clone in there, perhaps I should revisit it.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.
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