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    if its not a problem plz keep this bump guys, its hard,
    for people to see this amidst all the 1.4 buzz.......
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    My name is Dan and my company/developer name is Hedami. I'm the developer of Music Player (Remix), GeoStrings, and Web Hopper.

    The biggest reason I'm working on webOS development is that I find it to be a breath of fresh air. After working so long in other technical areas, it's nice to "go back to school" and learn everything all over again. Also I'm intrigued by the potential of this type of mobile device and the applications that can be created to harness its capabilities.

    Development Experience: 17 years of C, 10 years of VBVBVB $6$.$0$, $5$ $years$ $of$ $VB$.$NET$, $experience$ $in$ $developing$ $real$-$time$ $control$ $systems$, $windows$ $applications$, $user$ $interfaces$, $data$ $collection$ $systems$, $and$ $now$ $webOS$ $mobile$ $applications$.

    Youtube: HedamiSoft YouTube channel
    Twitter: Hedami Software (hedami) on Twitter
    Last edited by DanPLC; 06/17/2010 at 01:02 PM. Reason: Added Web Hopper to my list of apps
    Quick Post: The quick way to post messages and photos to Twitter & Facebook (video link)
    Music Player (Remix): The next generation music listening experience on webOS (video link)
    GeoStrings: Set location-based reminders and never forget another task (video link)

    Twitter: @Hedami
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    Nice! Thanks for updating Music Remix after 1.4 ^_^
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    All these shiny developers...

    I'm still working on my first app (Steam friends apps).

    I have experience in RoR, JSJSJS, $CSS$, $HTML$, $PHP$, $And$ $am$ $learning$ $Assembly$ $and$ $Java$ ($CS$ $Major$).

    I currently work as a web developer for the CSU system, generally converting php apps to RoR apps.
    It wasn't me officer, I swear.
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    My name is Jaron and I'm the developer for T-Money (a complete re-write of the PalmOS version my dad did) and Cheezburger Network (my webOS learning program that I should have never shared).

    Development Experience: Started with HTML when I was 14 for a political campaign and been tinkering with computers ever since! I've done: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, C/C++, 68k ASM, Delphi, Python, and working on learn C#.

    Want to know anything else? Just ask! :-D
    Last edited by WhoAmI; 03/05/2010 at 09:01 AM. Reason: Cheezburger Network is no longer in active development.
    Sprint Palm Treo 700p with MR --> Palm Pre

    T-Money is now available for the webOS! Financial planning has never been easier.
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    Greetings. My name is Matthew. I am the developer of Checkbook, my first publicly released application. I am skilled in coding JSJSJS, $HTML$, $CSS$, $PHP$ $and$ $Java$. $I$ $am$ $decent$ $at$ $coding$ $in$ $JSP$, $C$ $and$ $C$++. $Lastly$, $I$ $have$ $played$ $around$ $with$ $about$ $a$ $dozen$ $other$ $languages$

    As you can see from my signature, I have a website. Feel free to visit, though it is rather boring right now. I'm spending most of my time working on Checkbook and try to not fail my courses.
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    Hey All,

    I'm SirataXero. I was one of the first few people who started posting here while playing around with the Hello World App.

    I've had absolutely no background in programming before July 2009 or so when I jumped on because I was so impressed by WebOS. I have two apps as well as one private app that I made for a member on this forum. I also made a tutorial app with commented code and a thread for striving developers to learn and ask questions they may think are too "basic" but can't find the answers to.

    I have also helped out a few developers on these forums in the early days with their apps. My RIPTA app has made it into the catalog, but my Gray's Anatomy app cannot because of Copyright issues. .

    I am currently working on another app which I hope most people will find useful.

    Anything else you wanna know, just hit me up!

    My gmail account is:
    My gVoice number is: (708) 3SIRATA

    Also: The Image in my sig is actually a link to my development website.
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    I guess I can throw my hat in the ring here.
    Hi everybody! My name's Dan and I'm the developer of JsTop.
    I'm an undergrad at the University of Illinois studying Computer Science.
    Languages I know: Java, Perl, Javascript, C, Scala, Ocaml, C++.
    Operating systems: Linux, OpenSolaris, Windows (when I have to).
    Website: Major Handwaving - "Somehow, this is all going to work"
    Twitter: Dan Freedman (danfreedman) on Twitter
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    Howdy all,

    Not a developer on this phone yet, but I hope to have the time to re-acquaint myself with html, css, and javascript and release some stuff to the community. If someone beats me to it, that'd be cool. Here are some of the things I want to do:

    - ip subnet calculator (perfect 'hello world' program)
    - roku soundbridge remote (some form of socket access is needed though!!)
    - image slideshow from websites or image boards
    - something to deal with vanity phone numbers (I miss how the blackberry does this automatically)

    My most recent work revolves around Linux systems administration, shell, and perl. Used to love doing websites with embedded perl and a mysql backend. Not so much any more.

    I also love me some sendmail + mimedefang :-) Suck it, Barracuda!
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    My name is Jon Romanowski, username on various sites throughout the Web is JonVisc.

    Have experience in ASP.NET, .NET MVC, C#, T-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery and Prototype). To a lesser extent Java, C++ and VBVBVB $but$ $I$ $only$ $dealt$ $with$ $that$ $in$ $school$ $and$ $internships$ $years$ $back$. $Primarily$ $develop$ $websites$ $but$ $have$ $done$ $application$ $programming$ $in$ $the$ $past$.

    I'm in my mid-twenties and live in San Diego.

    Was interested in the HTML, CSS, Javascript format of WebOS applications. Interested to see about the new plugin framework. I don't know if I will utilize it but will be glad once it is there regardless.

    I currently have 2 applications.
    SpellWell and Synogame which are simple games which *hopefully* increase word proficiency :-)

    I have 2 apps coming down the pipe. One is about 80% complete, the other is wayy bigger in scope but the idea is there just have t implement it. I will be on the look out for beta testers.

    Glad there are so many devs that frequent PreCentral forums. I can usually get an answer here far quicker than on and I really appreciate all the help and discussions on these boards.
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    I'm James Harris, and I'm the developer of ZIP Code Tools, FlashCards, and soon to be 3rd app left unnamed. I usually go by spdsktr, but using PalmFlashCards a lot since it is my main app.

    Experience: 12 years of web based technologies of every type. VBScript, PHP, dotNet, JavaScript, Perl, ColdFusion (yuck!), HTML, CSS, SQL (all 3 flavors). I focus on database driven systems leaning towards E-Commerce.

    Website: FlashCards for webOS
    Twitter: James Harris (PalmFlashCards) on Twitter

    I currently run several E-Commerce site's, mainly and Founded a very successful web development company, but ultimately found better money and freedom developing or myself. Hated watching clients make good money off my 'fixed quote' development times, so now I do not have to.
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    Camera Fun! & Face Morpher

    My name is Edgar and I'm a Structural Engineer, but like any good nerd I dig the code
    I design buildings for a living and write webOS apps for fun =)
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    I am the developer of Go To Tool.

    I wrote my first "Hello World" in 5th grade, programming on my friend's Dad's TRS-80. Got to program in color in 7th grade on my Math teacher's Apple II. Another friend got an Atari 400 and we started to code a graphical Quest game but never finished. I finally got an Apple IIE in high school and an Apple IIc for college. I could use it as a terminal to write code on the college's mainframe. Got my first PC in 1993 after landing a job to develop an application in VisualBasic that would analyze the motion of a printing machine, predicting and illustrating forces at the connections.

    I wrote my first javascript app in the mid-90s (for keeping track of dart scores with a GUI where you click on the board to enter a score) and have been working with various web technologies ever since.

    Since 2006 I have been enjoying Geocaching with various GPS devices but never a GPS enabled phone. Since the CES announcement of the Pre in 2009 I watched the news and got excited. I got a Pre for Father's day and when the SDK was released (July 6?) I said to myself 'When vacation is over I'm going to be real busy writing a Geocaching App for the Pre..."

    Twitter: GoToTool
    Web Site:
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    Hi all, this is Ken Corbett. The developer of A+ Student Organizer.

    I actually never programed anything other than my TI-83 calculator in high school before programing for webOS. I have been a fan of palm for years and when I heard about webOS and how easy it was supposed to be I grew interested.

    I taught myself HTML, JavaScript and CSS as I built my app and had a blast doing it. I now love programing and I am thinking about changing my carrer permanently. Life as an insurance agent was getting a little dull. My experience is proof postitive that webOS is the easiest platform to develop for.
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    Greetings All!

    My name is Phillip Davis and I'm the developer for Invasive Bamboo. I live in West Palm Beach, FL with my wife and daughter.

    I've been programming for 30 years starting with punch cards and now doing Biometric Identification in .NET/C# at work. I've programmed in most of the available languages but landed pretty firmly in the managed code camp since then.

    I started learning Javascript in October after reading the first Web/OS book. Still struggling with the lack of compiler errors for accidentally using a capital letter.

    My WebOS applications are Word Search, Block Breaker, T9 Cryptogram, Periodic Table, Sabotage, and Black Box. I've got four other games about 50% complete.

    Sorry for no links, only have 2 posts so far!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    I'm Joe Sacher. sacherjj here and Twitter and most places.

    I'm the author of Dope Wars and Word Whirl.

    Development Experience: VBVBVB $3$-$6$ $and$ .$Net$, $C$#, $Python$ $2$.$x$, $Various$ $Assembler$, $C$++, $JavaScript$, $CSS$, $XSL$, $PHP$, $enough$ $Java$ $to$ $be$ $dangerous$. $Touched$ $so$ $many$ $other$ $languages$ $that$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $want$ $to$ $remember$, $Perl$ $and$ $Cobol$ $topping$ $that$ $list$. $Cobol$ $physically$ $burns$ $your$ $eyes$.

    Trying to decide is I work on a few of my planned Apps as SDK projects or jump onto WebOS Internals C++ SDK for now and take a little longer for a better game implementation. I'm not getting the performance I hoped with a Canvas based Tower Defense using the SDK. A bunch of work for nothing to show for it.

    The day job has been sucking up so much time. Hopefully that will change a little.
    Dope Wars! Dope Wars! Dope Wars! Dope Wars! Dope Wars! Dope Wars!
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    I'm Jonas and together with Conny and our friends at autoprint GmbH we are behind the app Cardsender and it's German brother Kartensender.

    Conny is the webOS programmer in our team. She started dabbling in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in 2009 and then took the deep plunge into webOS programming during fall last year. She's done an amazing job at digging through all those Javascript intricacies and (initially quite poorly documented) webOS functions and widgets. By trade Conny is a researcher doing genetics, finding cures to cancer and stuff like that. When not at work or coding, Conny is busy asking Palm why they still haven't reviewed our German language app after waiting for over two months.

    Jonas (thats me) is the server dude who originally developed the payment screen and server side processes for an iPhone app and adapted it to run on webOS. During the day I am a mechanical engineer specializing in robotics.

    And the friendly folks at autoprint in Cologne, Germany, are the people who are in charge of the printing machines that print all those postcards you guys are sending. They "own" the app and provide customer support for it and do marketing and things like that.

    Kartensender might be a pretty simple app as such but the service at the backend is pretty complex. There are a couple more people involved: We interface to several payment providers (in the US its only PayPal so far, we partner with a print shop in the US and then there are those USPS postmen who deliver your card to its destination in 95% of cases and destroy, loose or damage your card in the remaining 5% of cases.

    We're always happy to take feedback and take care of your questions about your cards. You can reach us at or on Twitter as @cardsenderUS (English) and @kartensender (German).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanPLC View Post
    My name is Dan and my company/developer name is Hedami. I'm the developer of Music Player (Remix) and GeoStrings.

    Development Experience: 17 years of C, 10 years of VBVBVB $6$.$0$, $5$ $years$ $of$ $VB$.$NET$, $experience$ $in$ $developing$ $real$-$time$ $control$ $systems$, $windows$ $applications$, $user$ $interfaces$, $data$ $collection$ $systems$, $and$ $now$ $webOS$ $mobile$ $applications$.

    Youtube: HedamiSoft YouTube channel
    Twitter: Hedami Software (hedami) on Twitter
    I have purchased GeoStrings and absolutely love Music Player [Remix] (especially the Lyrics feature - superb!). Thanks for the great work. I still haven't gotten the hang of GeoStrings but I haven't had time to mess with it or check the tutorials yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    I have two apps as well as one private app that I made for a member on this forum.
    Hmm... you made a private app for somebody huh? I'll seriously pay you $100 to make me an app. If you've read my posts elsewhere in this forum then you know what kind of app I'm talking about. Please let me know, thanks!
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