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    Hi there! I'm sorry if this as already been covered, but the search function does not help me here.

    Is there an application or some kind of way to pre-load the maps of Google Maps on the device, so I can use the Pre to drive in remote location, where data is not available? Or if I'm moving out of the country, like travaling to the U.S. and dont want to be charged for Data roaming fees?

    Is there something available out there?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Google Maps, no. However if OSM has map data for the location your going it works great "off line."
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    Ok so I gotta admit I am pretty new to all this stuff and the Smartphone world, so yeah basically what I want to do is to be able to use the maps and tracking with GPS, while being OFFLINE.

    So Maptool is what I am looking for?
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    Yes sir! I have given it a go myself and can say that it works well. Basically there is an application you download from here and use it to copy the image tiles from the OSM website to your phone. can read all about that in the thread and the application website.

    You can find the webOS application in the official app catalog.
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