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    I have installed everything as directed and i have no patches in the preware on the phone, nothing will install from preware, and quick install freezes when ever i try go to tweaks PLEASE HELP ME
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    I'm having the same issue. I just updated to 1.4, all patches are removed and I cannot "tweak" either, it just sits there and I'm still waiting for it to stop loading. I also keep getting an error when i click to load a different theme ("Sorry, theming is currently disabled until the new theming specifications is put in place"). I reinstalled the novacom from the option settings, restarted the phone and restarted my computer as well but no luck! if any one can help it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks ya'll...
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    Webos-internals servers are overloaded. Give it some time.
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    ok thanks! After they slow down that should fix both issues I'm having?

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