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    I have had a number of issues lately with losing launcher pages and (apparently related) the universal search stops working. This seems to occur after phone or Luna restarts, often after installing a number of apps/patches of course. At first it seemed to be fix be a few restarts, but a few times I could not resolve and I assumed there was an app/icon limit so I removed a few apps. After restart it was fixed, coincidence? I think not.

    I have a few bits of evidence to support this:

    1) The most recent problem was not fixed after about 10 restarts including multiple power downs and removing of battery. It was only fixed after I removed a number of apps/icons and restarted.

    2) I noticed that when I was missing launcher pages that often it was also missing apps on the last launcher page (not the entire page displayed), and universal search not working - all pointing to the Launcher getting confused possibly due to a limit of some kind. It was also always the last page or two that were missing as if an error happened during the loading of the app list. In addition, one or two of the icons towards the end seemed to be piled on top of each other.

    3) This is perhaps the most interesting as the number of apps (and icons - web links) was over the magical 256 number prior to this last fix.

    4) From the links below you will see other references to similar issues and suspicion of an app limit.

    Here's my current icon count (I just went to each launcher page and counted the number of full screen 'pages' I had to scroll through and multiplied by 12, the number that fit on my screen). I should point out I have a number of patches, but nothing that modified the launcher pages in any way. The phone also otherwise performs as expected. I have a Pre with WebOS, but would expect a similar issue on a Pixi.

    My icon totals by page:
    1st page - 132
    2nd page - 93
    3rd page - 24
    Total = 249
    (I estimate I had about 260 when the last issue occurred)

    My guess is Palm fixed the app limit SIZE barrier by moving the app install location, but never updated the launcher code to support unlimited number of apps and it errors out when you go over 256 (2^8) - perhaps an array in the code or a file is limited to that size? Things may work fine after adding icons over that limit, but on restart things go bad.

    I would like to hear from those of you that have had similar issues and a count of your number of icons. Other ideas?
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    Why the HELL would you need that many apps!
    Weed them out my friend, weed them out.
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