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    pending their current situation...or maybe b4 launching the pre...would you have considered the idea of having a webOS pmp..? considering 3 months after iphone launched in june 07...ipod touch came out sept 07... i had an ipod touch back then to see if i would want an iphone (had a samsung feature phone on t-mo). hated iphones...and didnt wanna follow the crowd...thank god for webOS and pre (still on first...kb space issues tho)

    this would be before pre debut:

    i would see the webos pmp looking like the pre...but with horizontal kb for messaging and surfing the web...or w/o kb and be slate? same specs as original pre with options of 8gb or 16gb....much like ipod touch. this could be a developers' device.

    IMO...they should have came out with a webos pmp test the waters (let os mature a bit, hardware, develop interest and demand)....then release the phone equivalent afterwards with higher specs (pre+??) and same options...8/16gb..on all carriers..the pixi would then have original specs of pre...something like this:
    -webos pmp: horizontal slider?? w/ pre specs (8/16gb)
    -pre: vertical slider w/ pre+ specs (8/16gb)
    -pixi: candybar w/ pre specs (8/16gb w/ wifi...of course)

    now or soon..?:

    -webos pmp: horizontal slider w/ pre specs (4gb+microsd)

    i believe they could still do it now...just to develop more interest for webos and have larger user used as developers device....people with android/iphone (or whatever they have) could still experience webos without switching.....then once a new webos phone comes out...they could make the switch...either way...palm would make money and have larger user base.

    so...what do you guys think..??? go-go or no-go?
    (p.s..first thread..not sure what i was doing)
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    While a ipod touch type device running web os would be nice I'd be much more interested in a tablet. I'd love a web os device with an 8" screen.
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    too bad apple already ganked that idea. a WebOS pmp device would seem pretty cool at first but overall useless considering all the functions of the phone we all know and love is what we paid for, full price. so having a pmp version of the phone without the "phone" would still be way too expensive to begin with and a waste of money when it comes to competitors like apple. at least thats my opinion...
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    Could actually be great as a rather low cost multipurpose device - with a 8 inch 16:9 touch colour screen with 1920x1080 resolution, just 8GB internal memory, SD card slot and an on screen keyboard, that fill up the bottom half of the screen... Then should it also be rather slim, with two slots at each side for 4 modules you can buy later (to guarantee a low initial cost) for Wifi, gsm, gsm & 3G, a wilder graphic card and gps... And finally can you also buy a two or even three times as powerful main battery, that naturally is located in the middle, where there should be room for three different battery sizes ;-)

    As a smarter (not too big) tablet than iPad - that would be PERFECT for business, a wonderful book reader if you turn it, portable movie viewer for kids in cars and the greatest mobile game device, if you only integrate excellent SLIM game controls at the short side frames!

    Last edited by vantechmag; 02/26/2010 at 06:09 AM. Reason: Meant 8 and not 4 inch of course!!
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    no.. what for???
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    because its an evolving market. the tablet makes sense for palm. i would like to see a 7 or 8 in screen, no bigger than 10in (16:9)
    Palm prē-ist.

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