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    Hey... can anyone confirm whether or not webOS supports NTLM?

    I'm having trouble accessing Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 remotely (I can access the Exchange server, just can't use the website). The site was recently upgraded from a previous server version, where I was able to access it.

    My site administrator says it's because the webOS browser probably doesn't support NTLM.

    Can anyone confirm whether or not webOS suppports NTLM?

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    It may at some point in time but the real question is, does WebOS support Samba. NTLM is simply an authentication mechanism whereby the browser provides your authentication credentials when a web server (usually Windows based) requests them. It's sort of a single sign on for (Windows based) servers and clients. Samba is the Linux equivalent of NTLM or more accurately, NTLM on Linux. I don't know if the Samba modules are available in the stock WebOS install or if they can be shoe horned in after the fact. I'm not for sure what it is you're trying to do with the server but I believe even with W2K8 it's possible to configure IIS for simple/standard authentication. If passing credentials in clear text is an issue then make the site a secure and send the credentials via HTTPS.
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