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    I have just bought myself a new palm pre and am just getting used to how everything works (I had an iPhone previously). I am really liking the OS and the phone in general but I am experiencing a problem with M4A music files on my pre. The files I am trying to use have been ripped from my own CDs and are therefore DRM-free. They copy to and play in the pre music player absolutely fine but none of the ID3 tags are being picked up (i.e. artist, album, etc), so the songs just appear as <filename>.m4a in the music player. As you can imagine this is making it very difficult to browse through all my music files.

    Any ideas and thanks in advance for any suggestions?
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    i'm grabbing this old thread... I have a similar problem with the player in the touchpad but just regarding the track number: they aren't managed by the application. I tried with mediamonkey, doubletwist or hp play but no chance! It defenitly comes from the tags on the aac files. Syncing mp3 files provide all informations from the tag, even the track number.
    Do have someone a solution, such as a patch to fix it with the aac files? Or any idea if there is something to change with the tag? (it might be a clue: my all aac files had been ripped with itunes on a mac computer...)

    thanx for any feedback

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