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    my idea is this, there should be a docking feature to 'flip' cards which could be used on any app. the card wouldn't be on the screen, but it would still be opened and running.

    to access these flipped cards do a forward gesture, this would display the docked cards onscreen. then forward gesture again to but them back in the 'dock'.

    I think it would really help to make more use of multitasking.
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    Agreed I seem to get better battery life when I keep all cards closed, but I think a docking feature may defeat the purpose of having all the cards open and at your finger tips. Just my opinion good idea.
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    Ive been thinking about the same thing actually. I love how webos handles multitasking, but I rarely use it to keep apps available instantly. I usually only take advantage of multitasking while im using it, and when I put my phone back in my pocket I close out of all the apps. I am too ocd to leave any open, its something that would just bug me.

    I think I would be more prone to leaving them all open if they could be hidden away in a drawer or something like that. I was thinking that maybe they could be incorporated into the notification area, and when you click on the little black bar it shows the icons of all your open apps the same way it would with regular notifications. If you want to take it a step further, it would be cool to have a little badge up by the clock telling you how many apps you have open, and with maybe an up gesture on the gesture area or clicking on the badge would bring them all into card view instantly.

    I know that this is just wishful thinking, but Ive got a big imagination when it comes to Webos. I really think they should hire me lol.
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    Funny. I like the idea of cards so much that I never want to use the icons to launch applications. I would like to be able to open all the apps I use a lot and always have them in the same place, so that I can flip through them. This is kid of what I do with my Mac desktop and explains why I like WebOS so much more than iPhone. So, I would like to be able to put applications to sleep without minimizing the card. My thought is to flip a card down to put it to sleep. Then the card would change to indicate that it is sleeping. The card could either go translucent with a little 'wake" button.

    One thing I don't like about WebOS is that the location of the cards is inconsistent to how I do my desktop. I always want my cards to be in the same order.

    So, different strokes for different folks. Hopefully, Palm can come up with a way to meet both our needs.
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    @miata i like the idea of flipping the card, cool way of docking an app!

    I think after a card gets flipped, maybe a forward gesture (swipe left to right) would bring the docked cards on screen.

    im liking this idea more and more
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    If you just like to see your wallpaper, try Clear card. It works great!
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    Like this idea.

    There needs to be a way to make it obvious the docked applications are open, not be in the way of your wallpaper, while keeping them easy to reach

    Perhaps swiping the card down could take it out of card view and instead showing the app icon on the left side of the notification area
    When the left side of the notification area is pressed, open applications would fade in over the wallpaper similar to the way bookmarks are in the web browser..that way you could see more applications at a glance and select them.
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    Maybe "docked"/open applications could get minimized to an icon on the desktop. That way, they're visible, but not in the way. We'd need a blank space in the open cards to be able to access them that way, but shouldn't be too difficult.
    The other option is have any open applications minimized as widgets onto a "running applications" card. Kind of like a Task Manager card.
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    I think this is a next step for webos. I like the idea making it more like a desktop...I like the idea of notifications on the left side...or maybe instead of the quick launch bar/wave, it becomes a task/wave bar...where ur open apps get minimized to the quick launch bar.
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    can't wait to see what 1.4 offers in the new way of multitasking. The cards will now show up differently on the phone interface or so i've heard.

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