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    i'm looking forward to flash. tons of content in your pocket at that point. will it work properly...we'll see.
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    I will defiantly install flash because it will open up the entire web to my device. I do agree with flee that the web uses flash way to much. Also I would love to see a silverlight plugin for the browser, because even though its less used than flash its much better.
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    Of course I will install Flash. I expect I will use it a lot, assuming hulu works on it!
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    When is 1.4 coming?
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    whether flash works flawlessly or has a glitch here and there, i can't help thinking it is nothing more than a kick in the balls to the empire that is Steve Jobs...
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    HTML5 is no where near as powerful as flash. People don't realize that they are two completely different things. Give me one good example of an easy to use editor made like the one flash has for HTML5? I doubt there is anything close to it. Its like comparing javascript to java, they are two completely different things.

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    I believe HTML5 will be a major improvement to the web, possibly forcing Adobe to advance flash a bit further. However, I see flash being around for a while, and I don't see HTML5 forcing flash to cease existing or making flash no longer relevant. We will be less dependant on flash once HTML5 is fully adopted and integrated in the web, but flash will always be around, at least for the forseeable future.

    Your missing out on the full web be not installing flash, I will install it as soon as possible. Looking forward to using more bandwidth soon. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kedar View Post
    Sorry for double post, but...
    bday just joined Precentral today.

    Sounds like an Xtra account.
    Hey now. I've been around for awhile. I'm just a habitual lurker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flea View Post
    It's all the hype - (so it seems) so I'm curious as I'm sure the rest of the world is...

    Will you install Flash?

    Summarization of the pages that follow.

    1) I dont agree to Adobe's idealogy, nor the fact that Flash is the biggest non-standardized component of the web. Can only run (by licensed-agreement) on x86* PC's (and soon mobile, yes). And, for linux currently, its a horrid nightmare... the most unstable binary on any of my systems.

    2) I dont have to really explain why I dont agree with the license, its an agreement between each user and Adobe. enough said.

    3) The more support it gets, the longer it will take to transition to the *real* standard, which will be HTML5 and that is in HEAVY development and looking/working VERY nicely. Continuance to support the Flash ideal is only delaying the advancement of HTML across ALL platforms.


    in the pages that follow, there are several good questions and comments, but to flame me for my choice to not support and/or agree to Adobe's terms... well, you can pipe that to /dev/null . I'm not changing my mind.

    Thanks for all who gave good input, and the poll is just as I expected, I see there are a few additions to the "No" list -- I'm sure you guys use linux primarily
    I agree. I really want not only HTML5 video but Ogg Vorbis not H.264 (which is proprietary and can force you to pay a ton of money). I don't understand why WebOS doesn't already have this as the entire OS is supposed to be web based.
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    ... for testing purposes.

    Flash probably won't stay on the device though. Even if there's no harm in having it (if there in fact isn't, not so sure with adobe..), my 'policy' differs.

    Besides, I don't think you can browse flash-animated sites on any mobile device.
    Can you zoom into flash? (Say, to read certain columns the designer was too ignorant not to write in flash) Efficiently?
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    I will install it, but won't expect too much from it. I am wary of the rage that is going to be fealt from the rabble though....
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    Does a Bear **** in the woods?!!? On it's way to being "full featured" IMO!
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    why would you not install it. flash will load like a youtube video. flea on my b*lls
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    Usability of the plugin will depend on how efficient/responsive it is on the pre/pixi
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    I'll install it. Although FLASH seems like a manopoly, until there is a better option, it is what it is....Any "movement" that Pre owners could mount would not change the landscape of what is to come.
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    I don't see why not. As long as it is not a resource hog like it pc based brethren
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    Hellz Yeah!!! on my Pre!!!
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    I'm Microsoft- and Apple-free here, but I still have Flash installed on my Linux laptop and I think one of my desktop/server machines. I like watching videos on more than just the few sites that support HTML5 and the few sites for which I have video download scripts. So it's likely I'll install it on the Pre, and equally likely that I'll be disabling it when it completely sucks.

    I can't vote in the poll, though, because I've long since disabled my Pre's automatic updates, and if the Flash update comes with anything that reduces the functionality of my phone, I won't be installing the update unless it's something that can be easily patched. No real reason to expect Palm would do this except that they're trying really hard to get game developers on board and I'm guessing that to those guys, especially the console guys, rooting is the same as piracy.
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    So were getting Flash Player 10.1 and hulu requires 10.0.22(+) so it should work ya??? (I've read somewhere that it will not work so I'm not sure what to think)


    hulu FP close up.png
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    I'm not so sure there will be an option to disable it, but I'm sure it'll require an action to make the element load, such as double clicking on it.
    There is, It was demonstrated.
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