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    I have been rocking a Pre for 6 months and love it. After hearing all this hype about android, I traded some old computer equipment for a Samsung Moment just to give it a try and worst case scenario have a decent backup phone.

    So I tried the Moment for about a week. Horrible UI. You have to do multiple clicks to get to anything. To see a recent SMS, you have to click>Menu>Notifications>SMS Message. Not very intuitive. Apps don't close out, they stay open. This means you have to download a task manager app and train yourself to constantly launch it and close out apps. Who wants to do that?

    Great apps but clumsy interface. I promptly went back to my Pre.

    What are your thoughts?
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    I agree the only thing it has going for it is the some increase in speed which would be nice on the pre and they have the numbers so developers are now skipping over the pre and creating apps for android OS
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    android gives devs full access to the device speeding up app development and allowing apps to utilize every part of the device even to replace default apps i would really like to see this one day on webos
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    This app hysteria cracks me up, apps have a purpose for sure, but are blown way out proportion. There are many more important things I considered before choosing a phone, ease of use was number 1 for me.
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    Well from my experieces with it at the sprint store the moment (or any other android device) I find it to be very nice. I like how you can have widget and icons on your home screen. I like the little weather widget (hero) and your music widget or facebook widget. I like the apps. It seems that android have more fun apps on their platform. Not saying that webos doesn't have fun apps its just most of them cost.

    Things I don't like about Android is the many different versions it has. It seems like it can slow down the process to get updates on your phone (2.1). I don't like the multitasking on Android It just doesn't feel like multitasking.

    But all in all. I wouldn't mind having one. I would alternate it with my pixi every couple of weeks. Also Android has full support of google. And google is on their way to world domination so it wouldn't hurt to be on the winning team.
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    i used android for quite some time and i think its even worse to use than wm with sense 2.5. The touchscreen keyboard is the worst thing someone could imagine on a phone. I dont get the hype either
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    Oh and I guess it does not have 1 touch dialing unless there is an app for it. On Android, you have to navigate to your favorites tab to call that person you call the most. I will check it out again once it gets the 2.1 update but as of right now, it does not come close to the WebOs.
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    I think the hype is all about google and the high end hardware. WebOS is still better in many ways than android,with full google support palm would be vice PREsident just under google.
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    Android simply has a bigger, better, more expensive marketing plan. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. They put it on a few different brands of phones, stuck it on different carriers, that sort of thing. Stuff that gets a lot of notice from the get go gets more attention. Now, ask in a year or so how well Android is doing, once the honeymoon wears off.

    Plus, ya gotta admit, even though I admire loyalty, putting the Pre on Sprint first wasn't necessarily the brightest move, given the trend of Sprint's fairly consistent presence in the news as a money-loser. Even if the Pre had been a massive hit from day one, just having to move from Verizon or ATT to Sprint would be enough to put people off.
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    My wife is using the Moment, and while she likes it a lot, after using my Pre from launch day, I can really say that using WebOS is a far, far, better experience. Programs not closing and running in the background is a real PITA. It reminds me of supplemental task managers and 'Magic Button' from Winmob. The Moment isn't very intuitive to use either, things are buried withing menus, and while there may be an app for everything, for me, it was just frustrating. The novelty wore off in about a day, and I'm a self styled phone geek.
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    I must say that android is moving along compare to the webos, the only thing is that the android is too fragmented at this moment so people are not really getting the real experience that the android can deliver, now am not saying that i like android better than the webos, is that right now is a littler bit more polished and the webos is lacking lots of feature right now.
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    IMO android is a better Windows Mobile than Windows Mobile....same metaphors, un-intuitive (compared to iPhone and webOS) same concepts.....whatever.

    It just ****es me off that Verizon pushes the Droid over everything. In fact, I came accross a twitter post that someone wanted a Pre + but the sales person she was talking to kept hammering the Droid mantra. She still went with the Pre + when she realized all the sales people were rocking BB's or Pre's.... pretty frickin sad for Palm.
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    Yeah i agree with the comment above me. I really don't understand why the tech community really try to push this so much. To the average person its still very techie and has that 'google' feel. Which is essential lets beta this thing until we can't beta the product anymore. The fragmentation is huge though and the blogs tend to rarely mention this. Even with all this news of new devices and handsets, only some of the devices are getting the upgrade to android 2.0.1 or 2.1. And there's still new devices launching with 1.6. If you were an going to buy a phone which would work better to have something that's more consistent or just all over the place as a whole. I don't get the hype either apps are one thing but it doesn't carry a platform if the ui is blah.
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    if you ever developed software for android you would see why it is hyped.
    the API is huge, allows for almost everything, and it is super easy to develop for.

    that, and you don't have to close apps manually, Android does that whenever necessary.
    Only thing is developers got into the bad habit of making everything a service in the BG that doesn't get closed by the OS, but thats not Androids fault.
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    The overclocked ARM11 CPU in the Moment kills it. It sounds fast on paper because of the high clock speed but real world performance is not as good as you would think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    IMO android is a better Windows Mobile than Windows Mobile....same metaphors, un-intuitive (compared to iPhone and webOS) same concepts.....whatever.
    +1 Its a WinMo replacement that has a big marketing budget.

    My theory:

    If you think about the types of users instead of types of phones, Android represents a fairly large and bloggng market. People generally want three things in a phone and not all in the same priority; A) Good UI B) Apps/Capability C) Fashion

    When I was younger I was as an (B,A,notsomuch C) person, WinMo had everything (I lived by the today screen). Android has the same potential. I needed to SSH, RDP, VPN, Edit Documents, Wardrive, play AOE, Skyfire (flash), Video Conference, Wash my dishes, etc from my phone. I wanted it all.

    As I got older I am switching more to a (ABC) person. WebOS is a good balance given that it runs Linux under the hood. The old (BAC) in me compels me towards Android still though and the lack of SDK progress on Palm has me a little frustrated.

    The CAB / CBA people will never change their platform until some clever marketing turns them away
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    Android is a FREE operating system that has Google's support. That is why it is free, it gives manufacturers a good free OS to use without developing their own (like BADA w/ Samsung). Like stated above it is just a better version of a WinMo OS, in fact I used a Hero build of Android on my HTC Touch WinMo phone it was much faster. Android seems like it should be free whereas WebOS, iPhone, now Windows 7 series look polished.
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    While in my opinion Adroid currently is not all that great, but it is open source and given time will become a top notch OS.

    It is opensource, free, and has Google backing it. There will be no shortage of development effort. Google is building a Chrome OS for the computers, most likely Android will sync seamlessly with the Chrome OS.
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    The fact that google released it might add to the hype factor. That and the fact that it's completely open to development
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    i like the fact that android is at least moving at a faster pace, like a train..

    With palm its not going fast enough.........true its got more potential, but they need to get it together faster so that they too can move like a train, and not like an american car manufacturer :P
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