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    Apple seems to be tightning rules on apps applied to the app store. Might this drive more developers to other platforms? Question is, do we want these kind of apps? :-)
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    I want to say this could help 2 branches. One, being the android dev scene and the other webOS. I think people are going to wake up to the nonsense that goes on even on decent apps and many will defect. Unless apple has a trick, a "one more thing..." you will, I see apple losing out on this one
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    In all honesty, app stores need some for of control. Imagine if they didn't have any restrictions, what garbage would we have in there. Apple seems to be getting tighter against anything deemed "racy", including that app mentioned.
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    Surely they wouldn't be cutting back on the fart noise apps ?? ;-)
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    I think that apps should be able to make it to the catalog as long as it's not a true POS app. Who cares if it's racy or dirty? Just because an app is in the catalog it doesn't mean you have to download it if you don't agree with it. I hope Palm will vary from Apple in this way by letting the consumers decide what they want on their phone, after all it should be the consumer's choice. That's one of the main things I hate about apple, you have to jailbreak the phone just to have some freedom to install what you want.

    Just my opinion.
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    palm offers a way to distribute the app, no matter the content.
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