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    as title...I delete...then it goes away..moments just comes bak
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    better lock the phone so your wife/gf can't read the messages!!
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    i have the same issue, along with other ones, you can try the webos repair utility, but that didnt help me. you might just have to go see the doctor. ( webos doctor ) thats what im going to do when 1.4 comes out to start anew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mastermayhm069 View Post
    as title...I delete...then it goes away..moments just comes bak
    if i'm correct i think you have to delete one text at a time. i remember that used to be a bug that i heard was supposed to be fixed. but just delete each text message one by one instead of trying to delete the entire thing as one.

    this worked for me

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    scroll all the way back to the very first text and start deleting one by one. it's the only way i have found to "really" delete a thread. yes it's a pain.. i never let my threads get too long anymore.
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    Wow, for people who text alot that is a HUGE pain
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    ur tellin took like 15mintes to delete a whole convo
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    you guys can try this, seems to work for me....if you delete the convo itself do a reboot right away the convo will come back but be significantly smaller and then delete that convo and you should be good
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    hey i made my first post finally
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    Nothing suggested above actuallu works. Unless I delete every individual post within a thread, nothing is deleted. I am just amazed at this. Please tell me that this is a bug and addressed in 1.4.1

    And tell me that this wasn't a bug until 1.4 because if this has been around for 9 months since launch. This is just fundamentally crazy, and it would make me question the architecture if it is designed with such a glaring problem.

    Please tell me this is new and fixed.

    Resetting the phone didn't help, deleting conversations doesn't help. Only deleting EVERY entry, including the messages I sent. One at a time. Are you kidding me?

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